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mini drivers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by rat man407, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. ok so last night i was riding home about 9oclock it was p**sing down rain so i was being slow and cautours when some guy driving a mini thought that
    A his car was small enought that he could get a lift on my back tire
    B that his car was small enought to fit up my **s
    so i speed up a little and he does that same thing now i'm sitting on about 120km he still up my *ss and becasue i was to busy paying attention i did not see the sign saying "water over the road" all of a sudden i was in angle deep water still doing 120 he still up my a*s i know i was only probly in water for 3-4 seconds but it seem like 3-4 hours so but this point i'm shitting my self so i pull over up the road because i could not keep going so what he do pull out gets out of his car so at this point i'm just about ready to knock him out he come over and starts to abuse me something about he could not see the water becasue i was blokeing his view i turn around and said maybe if you where not so far up my as* you would have seen it laught at him and got back on my bike and left anyone had anything like this happen to them before and for those who will say i should have pull over i would have expert there big gutters on each side of the road:biker:

  2. My eyes hurt. Please, oh please, if you want to communicate with others then use punctuation. It's a form of manners. :)

    I'm guessing you're new to riding? That's a classic newbie mistake. Don't ever do a speed that you don't want to do. Maintain your speed, and if there's a jerk up your arse then just pull over. It feels annoying to do that, as though you're rewarding them, but especially as an inexperienced rider you can't let yourself get pushed beyond your competence levels (that includes being pushed beyond your psychological safety boundaries, whereby you'll make a bad judgement) . You're the one who'll get hurt, not him. As you can see he was an idiot anyway, there's no lesson you're going to teach him so just do your thing and pull over when safe to do so.
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  3. This guy actually pulled over with you and abused you becasue "he could not see the water"? What the ****ing ****? He needs to be sterilised.
  4. That is some pretty impressive literacy skills you have there my good man.
    Not one comma, full stop or even a quick spell check.

    I know this is the internet and we all shorten words and all that kind of shit but.. a little bit of punctuation and grammar goes a long way in posts.
    On the subject of your rambling, sounds like the mini driver hasn't got a clue.. but you should ride your own ride and not worry about the wanker tailgating, you could pull over.. and let them pass that way it doesn't upset you and hinder your experience.

    I pull over occasionally on single lane roads to let someone pass me if they're in a hurry, aim to make it home safely rather than getting all worked up over nothing and end up making mistakes because you're not focussed, best advice i ever received.
  5. I do the opposite, if someone wants to sit right on the ass of my bike or car I slow down to about 20km/h just to annoy them even more (I know I shouldn't but I get enjoyment out of it).
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  6. Maybe you should have put this in the 'Mini Rages' thread... lol
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  7. hehehe,
    reminds me of a story i heard at tafe,
    a mate of a mate had a skyline with an reinforced exheast for keybangers...
    one day he had an idiot tailgating him in the middle of the night, so he shut off the engine and pumped the throttle for a few seconds to really flood it, then pulled the keybanger..... apparently according to the cop sitting behind the tailgater, "it was like the sun had rissen", and our hero saw the car absolutely boot it past him, with a black front and red rear.......

    not shure if true or not, but a great story...
    personally ive got (well havent fitted yet) a 1m long 60w (highbeam or cheap spottie brightness) led strip on the back of the ute,
    i think i may have to give into temptation to flick them on for tailgaters.
    maybe i should attatchb the second one to the back of my riding jacket.......
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  8. As suggested, pull over and let them go by.

    I just indicate I am pulling over, slow down and wave them past.. then if the road is still clear I pull back out and keep going my own pace.

    If they pull over and start to abuse you, say nothing but the facts.. but keep your helmet on in case they try a sneaky king hit approach.
  9. I do the same

    however i think my next trick will be to install something like this


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  10. ,,,,,

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  11. Happened to me saw this car tailgate me hard for a few km's on the highway so what do you do on a bike you give it a little to leave a safe gap and he still tail gates you the old shitbox commador still riding up my ass. So you pull over/slow down on the left hand lane where there is no cars.. Commador pulls up behind you and turns on his internal flashing lights oh shit it was just a undercover police car and just got you for giving it some as well
    True story
  12. so much for pulling over and waiving him past.
  13. He needed smacking. Seriously. You should have laid him out. This d!ck is going to kill someone, and soon.
  14. i know my spelling and that is sh*t and i'm sorry for that. At the time my mind was not on what i was really typeing i was still shitting my self
  15. what is this a spelling be competition?
  16. Dude, don't worry about the Spelling Bee Nazies, the Full Stop Nazies, the Comma Nazies and the Capitial Letter Nazies, we all understood what you wrote.

    They just be hating you brother.
  17. All cool ratman. To others: No it's not a spelling competition, and fairly rough writing skills are generally accepted around here, as it should be. But don't expect people to read a block of text which contains not even a full stop. That's bad manners; you will fail to communicate what you have to say; and people will come to ignore you. It seems the texting generation needs regular reminders (how dare we suggest there's a standard that calls for discipline) which is odd - you'd think such people would develop some skills in writing text.

    And JAAS, we just hatin' cos you a minority!
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  18. For a second there I was thinking that I shouldn't have had a beer at lunch and wondering why I was having difficulty reading. Then after seeing the other posts realised that it was due to the lack of dots and capitals lol.

    Well, I have had something similar.. guy speeding up on a 3 lane empty highway and abusing me when I was in the middle lane and travelling at the speed limit at 8am on a sunday... I think its the L plates...

    Unfortunately there's no reason available to provide closure - closest thing is to accept that there are some retarded people out there who have somehow managed to survive the evolution process.

    Wonder what this guy thinks about trucks.

    I agree with the pulling over.. but sometimes there isn't a safe runoff etc. In those instances, just try to ignore them keep a safe speed and when a safe pull over zone appears, slow down gradually and give the numpty plenty of warning....
  19. Is that legal? I mean the cop was doing something illegal anyway and in part you would be trying to avoid a dangerous situation/driver... oh wait... its a cop. The law gets a bit fuzzy sometimes
  20. This is a favourite of mine too, but on a bike it can put you in a very dangerous position, even more so if you're a newbie & don't have many options for getting out of danger.

    Undercover cop cars are known to tailgate at dangerously close distances, it's happened to me on many occasions, if you suspect it's a cop hold your line & speed & pretend they don't exist.

    They want you to accelerate away, & they'll follow as far as you're willing to twist the wrist.