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Mini bike riders in city

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kelvinc, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hi, I was near Goulburn St, Surry Hills and saw two riders on mini-motorbikes on Elizabeth Street.

    Could not see very well but definitely mini motorbikes and both riders had hi viz vests on.

    Does anyone know what these bikes are and why there were riding on the street? Is this a promotional event? Just curious.



  2. ummmmm you can get mini bikes that can be regersted these days.. and could either been the motovert 125 or the old Z50s
  3. Thanks for the reply. Did a search and the Motovert almost looks like my Husky supermotard.

    Sure looks funny to have an adult on a mini bike! It was too far to see what kind of bikes they were riding but still, not something I see everyday.

    I am easily amused as long as it is about motorbikes !
  4. up here in QLd i seen them all the time around the city ... i belive there is a mini moto club that go on ride days on these things... but yeh they are ADR approved and complinced to be on our roads :)
  5. Yea i've seen them riding in Bris CBD to.

    Saw about 6-7 of them going past the Casino.
  6. seen that scooter angels on channel 7 some business show... looks like a great idea.
  7. Yes, that looks like it. Looks like a great idea. Tried to do a quote but it didn't work out that much cheaper than a taxi though !
  8. I don't think that it supposed to be cheaper than a taxi, it just saves having the car broken into when left at the pub and your time the next day to go get it.
  9. Must get 1 and see how far I can get through the docklands :rofl:
  10. Was at the GoldCoast this weekend and on Sat saw about 20 adults on mini bikes zooming around, was a sight to see.
  11. I saw this too! I broke down at the end of North St and they all went zooming by along the highway. Had the fuzz watching them fairly closely too by the look of it.
  12. monkey bikes are road registerable in QLD.
    theres a club, they do group rides.
    piss funny seeing a gang of 50 or so in a group ride.

    theres a few new things selling in scooter shops in Melb now, stuff like this >

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  13. Brownny may be interested!
  14. "Mini bike riders in city"

    i so thought this was gonna be about midget bike riders :-s
  15. ive seen a few honda monkeys around the cbd in melbourne. one did a wheelie at the lights infront of me and almost flipped haha