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'Mini' bike review BMW K1200S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I recently had a BMW K1200S 'loaner' for a day and a half while my own R1150R was being pampered in the Victoria Park Home for Expensive German Motorcycles. I only managed to get in about three hours actual riding in that time, so this is more a report of my initial impressions rather that a full blown test ride. So, for those who give a damn.........

    Lets cut straight to the chase, I was impressed, a statement I was frankly not expecting to make as I'm not a historical fan of the 'K' bikes. This one made me re-think that position. My first and over-riding observation is that it has simply awesome power delivery. I have never ridden a bike of any capacity or engine configuration that seems to be able to deliver all it's power anywhere in the rev range, and I do mean anywhere. The engine note is pure music too, sort of a turbine whine mixed with barking like a pitbull when you crack the throttle open. I didn't really get onto any serious twisties with it, so I can't really say I got to test the handling in any meaningful way. One thing I can say is that the handling is more like a 600 than a any litre plus bike I have ridden. The high-tech brakes were initially a bit intimidating, very snatchy. I did a few kangaroo hop stops until I got the 'feel' and then the sheer power of these brakes became apparent. One of the very few gripes I have also concerns the brakes. The Duo-lever steering has a pretty limited turning circle, and with the snatchy brakes this makes very slow speed manouvering/parking a bit of a challenge. I liked the riding position, but would have preferred the bars to be a little closer (I'm 5'8"), nothing a set of Verhollen bar mounts would'nt fix though. The seating and ergonomics were otherwise an almost perfect compromise between a sportsbike and a sports-tourer. Overall a very surprising and impressive bike that performs/handles nothing at all like it's appearance would lead you to expect.

  2. Great review, I love the look of these bikes. :cool:

    Have you had any sneak previews of the new 800's coming out?

    If they price it under $18K they might have a winner i think.
  3. No, the Beemer dealer in Perth doesn't know (or says he doesn't), when the 800 will land. As usual they will show them first locally at the BMW club to give the existing BMW owners first crack at placing orders if there is going to be a shortage. When they do I will write a ride report.
  4. thanks incitatus and may Dog be with you :LOL:
  5. I asked Cameron Cuthill from BMW Motorad (Australia) and he said the launch for the 800's here is probably going to be in September.

    Wouldn't give a price as it's not confirmed yet but it could be under $18K.

  6. I would give a 1200S a very good home.

    Honest I would, Santa!!!
  7. Santa on the way to gromits can you drop me off a K1200R please I will be a good boy, untill I ride it of course. :grin:
  8. Was that Santa or Satan? :twisted: :twisted:
    Either would do... :LOL:
  9. Well my mum always said Santa stops being real when you stop believing in him!
  10. Great report incitatus, I have thought about taking one of those new fandangle fast looking K’s for a spin myself. But I figered if I did, I might as well take my licence down to the cop shop and tell them to hang on to it. They would be getting it soon anyway. It would save embracement all round. Besides I might find I just have to have one.

    The new K1200GT looks like it might suite this old codger. But then again I have been looking at duel sport bikes.

    Seems like one bike is never enough. :deal: