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Mini-bike in the National Park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ljiljan, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. So this morning on a short ride through the RNP, I come across an unusual sight. It was about 3' high, 1.5' wide with a single headlight. As it passes me, it takes form as a rider, dressed in full leathers, crouched upon a pocket bike. He wasn't hanging around either, doing about 60-70k's. Not sure how he would have cornered, it looked like he had about 20 degrees with which to lean before things started to hit ground zero.

    I didn't know whether to laugh at him or applaud.

  2. you ever watched a pocket bike race? the non chinese ones can hoon around at retarded speeds.
  3. Quite a few of the big boys have some of these fully tapped. Absolutely awsome. Fun and games out the back of the paddock.
  4. Applaud definitely.
  5. whats the rules with them? im guessing they arent meant to be ridden on the road?
  6. Not if it's less than 50cc. And if it's greater then it'd need to be registered and adhere to ADRs?
  7. Probably has worked out , that at the 3' height he literally is flying under the radar
  8. there is a model of mini-motard that you can register, i think its called a Motovert RX. i nearly bought one, just for the lols. they come in a 50cc and 125cc model but they are a china build.

    would be hilarious to get the reaction from cagers when they see that its on the road, or they probably wouldnt see you as per usual.

    imagine the police reaction. haha.
  9. The police would be really unimpressed and you would be lucky to not be out of pocket $$$$ in fines.

    Edit: Sorry, I mean for the typical 49cc minimoto, not the registerable ones.
  10. I always see a bloke with L plates on tearing it up through the old pac, every time i see it, i think "you got to be joiking"
  11. Any pocket bike thats take "fuel" ,even 1 cc is not legal to ride any where on public roads etc.
    Even the 49cc small motors that you can put on a push bike.
    You get busted {if its not one of the ADR fully registered ones} for no licence ,no helmet ,no rego ,no insurance.
    Seen a fully worked and registerd Honda monkey bike in the nasho a few times.
  12. Yeah I saw a group of about 6 riders about a year ago in bundeena
  13. Are u talking about the monkey bike that goes there? They are registrable by some freak of nature, I got a pic of one in milsons point that I see around.

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