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mini apes for vstar 650 with correct knurl specs??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by delta, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. As a fairly tall bloke (6'6") I've had to somewhat customize my little vstar 650 (custom) to be more comfortable incl. 6" forward controls and floor boards. Next thing on the to-do list are mini ape's as the stock handlebars just don't go high enough and already look/feel a bit awkward in the high position that I've locked them into..

    Anyway, I've been searching for ages for 10" (black) mini apes ..preferrably 'z bar' style but can't seem to find any that have the correct knurl specs. In fact I ordered some from Kenma which are the 10" Ventura mini apes, they're 1" but the knurling is all wrong (only realized it after they were shipped) .. only 10cm wide (from one end to the other) where as my bikes factory risers sit about 13.6cm apart so I won't be able to use these (safely) as the clamps would only catch about half a cm of the knurl on each side and the clamps are about 2cm wide each.

    Has any other vstar 650 owner found something that actually fits and is within spec in terms of the knurls? I don't mind if the knurled area is wider than my clamps, only if it's too narrow..

    The reason I wanted 10" mini apes is so that I don't have to get new hoses/cabling but at this point I am willing to splash out for new cabling as well even if I can only find 12"-ers.

    Basically what drove me to this was walking into the Victory shop and sitting on one of their bikes (HIghball) which has these 12" z apes .. I just loved the look and height.

    Do custom harley type shops in Australia maybe make custom handlebars to spec ie. tell them the width, other measurements (angles and all that) and knurl specs ?? Any such places in Melbourne? Cheers for any tips or links
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    pic ...

  3. hmm just learnt something interesting... It would seem ALL (?) metric cruisers like the Vstar 650 have a 4" (100mm) 'on centre' width (the knurling) and all non-metric (ie Harleys etc) have 3.5" on-centre knurls. Only learnt about this when I saw this metric conversion riser which when installed allows you to use any Harley specific handlebars (with 3.5" on-centre knurls) on a metric cruiser


    Yay! That's pretty friggin awesome. So with just this simple mod / conversion riser in place of the factory one I can go and buy any 1" Harley bars for my Vstar. Now to find a local version of this conversion riser..