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Miners found alive

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. news.com.au has just flashed that the the two remaining miners in the tassie mine have been found alive. Thank God, what a relief for their families and workmates. Condolences to the family of the man who perished....

  2. Very good to hear, i cant imagine how relieved their familys must be.

    My condolences also to the family and friends of the man less fortunate.
  3. I'm a cynic (spelling?) I know, but I'II wait til I hear them talk before I celebrate. It wasn't that long ago a similar claim was made at a rescue elsewhere which was later found to be unconfirmed and they were all dead.
    I will sit and wait with my fingers crossed.
  4. I just saw that too on a news bulletin on 9.

    I hope that they get out okay, how amazing!!!! :shock: :grin: :!:
  5. :dance: Happy News! :grin:
  6. Very good news indeed.
    I can remember back to the thredbo landslide...
    When they pulled Stewart Diver out from that hole,
    I was watching it live on TV,I couldn't stop myself from getting all choked and teary that he was alive.
    My deepest sympathy to the family of the perished
    miner, and prayers for all concerned.
  7. Well done boys, indeed happy news, there's gonna be some cans opened in Tassy tonight.
  8. thats amazing !! I am sure all families must be so overhwhelmed..
  9. We were thinking back to Stuart as well! Puts shivers down your spine. Great news.
  10. yeah, i'm glad atleast those 2 are alive.

    i was thinking about it before, that'd be the worst..
    after a couple of days, you'd loose all sense of time, being in pitch black conditions, possibly not being able to move, for an entire week without food or light (i think).

    you wouldn't know when to give up hope, because you wouldn't know how long you've been there.
  11. i think the term they are now using on abc is they have made contact with miners. how long they are alive for, and if they get out alive with no further caveiins during rescue we'll see.
  12. They are uninjured, just hungry and thirsty according to the sister in law of one of the miners.
  13. thats some great news i hope the best to all of them
    very inspirational.... :grin: :grin:
  14. yeah, its great news. must be such a relief.. even with the death of the other, pulling the other 2 out will be a welcome sight, with all the world tragedies going on right now, its good to know that there is some good things happening.
  15. Oh the media :evil: :evil:

    They make me sick of hearing great news. That pisses me off.

    Asking all the family members the same thing, "how are you feeling?"

    How do think they feel moron!

    Oh and they said "there was a flurry of activity as rescue workers started working feverishly to get them out now" :?

    Why weren't they working feverishly before???
  16. Found alive, but rescuers are halfway to their location.

    That's 5 days digging so far, so assume another 5 days.
  17. This is terrific news.
  18. And according to John Howard, the miners were in a room with a shovel, actually it was a pick and there were 2 others, actually it was an act of god because they didn't make it to church this week, actually it was the Coffee machine playing up and caused everything to fall down..... can anyone else see another government cover up coming on..... :shock:

    Great to hear they are both OK, I am just sick of the bullshit coverups that happen when something like this happens.

  19. Greg, you need to lay off the coffee (or something else) at this hour of a Sunday night. At a time like this that would have to go down as one of the most insensitive, irrelevant and asinine posts made on this forum in a long time. Grow up and join the real world, please.
  20. Have you ever stopped to consider that if the media wasn't so hell bent on getting something new to report every five minutes then a whole lot of bullshit stories may never rear their ugly heads. For about an hour, every 10 minutes channel 7 had a news report which tried to break something new about this case. It was all bullshit speculation. So what you call a cover up may actually be someone in a position of knowledge and/or authority finally issuing the true story.