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Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Dougz, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. 04 Tri colour Blade with extras and other go too fast bits. Also came with a spare set of New tyres. I'm happy. I don't think my license will be though.

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  2. Nice! Looks almost EXACTLY like the one in that picture you drew the other day too. Sweet as :)
  3. The 04-05 is the best shape nice tri colour mate
  4. you only park it there so you get to practice martial arts on theives late at night.
    i wonder how many you've choked out so far...

    really though, very nice find. but yeah it's summer, your licence is so gone
  5. Ta. She's got ohlins suspension rebuilt by Phil Tainton Racing, braided lines front and rear, sintered pads, yoshi rs5 exhaust, airbox mods +k&n filters, pazzos, spare tyres and a Ventura rack.

    Not bad. The ohlins is awesome.
  6. Hmm, I'm sure posted a reply to this a couple of hours ago???

    Anyway, as I said then, top of my "Lust List". To say that I'm jealous is an understatement...
  7. Nice, I'd get the wheels powder coated to match the red paint and apply white rim tape (planning to do the same to my CBR if I end up getting one).
  8. That's an awesome bike Dougz but I bet Nak can out drag you to 100 on his CB :bolt:
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  9. Ah, no thanks. I'm not one for colour matching. Prefer to keep it stock.
  10. Awesome blade m8 they haul arse. The thing i miss the most about my 954 blade is the suspension. The bird has crap suspension, Ohlins here i come.
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    Dougz the only thing I wouldn't leave stock is the sprockets I have an 05 and stock is 16F/40R the
    06-07 is 16F/41ot 42 R
  12. Very nice, well done big fella.
  13. A friend of mine sold his ducatis and bought one of them.
    I miss him.
  14. Its ok, I saw him at Birdwood this morning and gave him your regards :)
  15. Is he still an idiot
  16. Weird, he asked the same question.
  17. Now you have the answer
  18. Gratz on the bike mate. :)
  19. awesome bike mate, i wish it was my Tuono featured here, i am still in the same situation as before. i probably am the unluckiest seller, i had the right person right time and right price and i could not sell..:(
  20. That's been changed already mate
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