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Mimi Mac Busted for the 3rd time.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Elle's sister on third drink-drive charge

    By Michael Wray and Rhett Watson
    January 26, 2007 01:00am

    PERENNIAL party girl Mimi Macpherson faced court yesterday on her third
    drink-driving charge.

    This time the society glamour sister of Elle "The Body" Macpherson, was nearly
    three times over the legal .05 limit when caught on the Gold Coast late last year.

    While she has been caught twice before, she looks likely to avoid a jail term.

    The last time she was caught was in 2001, just outside the five-year window
    magistrates must take into account when sentencing.

    It was a sullen-looking Macpherson who walked past the media to front Southport
    Magistrates Court, in southeast Queensland.

    The 39 year old, charged under her real name - Miriam Frances Gow - entered
    court No.1 and slumped in the back row, waiting for her case to come before
    magistrate Graeme Lee.

    According to court documents, Macpherson was driving a decade-old hatchback
    south through Broadbeach about 8.50pm (AEDT) on November 30.

    It was dark but her headlights were off, attracting the attention of police who
    pulled her over for a random breath test. The result showed Macpherson had a
    blood-alcohol level of .147.

    She did not enter a plea and her lawyer Jason Murakami successfully adjourned
    the case until March.

    The younger Macpherson has managed to achieve more of infamy than the fame
    lauded upon Elle. ** She managed to star in a home-made pornographic video -
    released by a vengeful former boyfriend.

    In 1995 she was fined $700 and disqualified from driving for eight months after
    recording a blood alcohol level of .152 in Hervey Bay, where she ran a whale-
    watching enterprise.

    In March 2001, Macpherson recorded a blood alcohol level of .095 when driving
    home from entertaining clients at a Sydney restaurant.

    She was fined $350 and banned from driving for nine months.

    Following the 2001 court appearance, Macpherson said she had made an "error
    in judgment".

    "I thought I was okay to drive. I only had about three to four drinks over the period
    of four hours and according to what you're told, that shouldn't be more than the legal
    limit, but it was," she said at the time.

    "I just hope something positive comes from it and it serves as a warning, particularly
    to younger drivers.

    "I had red wine, maybe that was it. But I take full responsibility for what happened."

    As Macpherson left court yesterday, the only noise came from a pack of men wolf-
    whistling and her lawyer Jason Murakami telling the media: "Sorry guys, this is a matter
    for the courts."

    The case was adjourned until March 23.

    Article from news.com.au

    ** Do a Google Image search :LOL:

    Mimi: Younger sister of Elle Macpherson
  2. You know what p!sses me off, is that celebrities get off on "warnings" while the rest of us mere mortals have to face the full force of the failed judicial system. :evil:

    Im sure if i was found to have a blood alcohol reading of .147 and had 2 previous charges, i would surely face a jail term and have my licence revocked for a much longer period of time.

    I guess money and status will always dominate over humanity :cry:
  3. maybe the last magistrate saw her "movie" :grin:
    I agree though. It's disgusting that these people get off so lightly.
    Same as Bert Newtons son with the whole Brooke Satchwell assault. His lawyer comes out of the first hearing saying that considering what's going on in Iraq, in the scheme of things his case is'nt "that important". Since when can anyone let alone a reperesentative of our judicial process suggest that Bashing your girlfriend isn't important enough to have the bastard branded for it?

    OK I've pruged the hate.... I think I'll go and have a nice cup of chamomile tea and feel thelove on Australia Day........ Promised to go for a ride with my wife this morning....
  4. I am in no way condoning drink driving...

    But in all honesty, a lot of hotels are partially to blame with regards to their dispensing of wine to patrons.

    Not all, but quite a few don't know how to measure a standard glass of wine. As to please customers by not giving them a half-full glass, they'll tend to fill it up near to the top, like a beer. :roll:
    The good ones have standard-measure glasses with a line for when they're supposed to stop pouring...

    *edit - spelling
  5. So the patron is then supposed to be absolved of all responsibility? Is that it? When you are sober(which you should be before even thinking about driving) you should have no trouble discerning a full-glass of wine from a glass that is filled to about a standard drink. If the glass is filled beyond a standard drink, then factor that in. Just like you should be factoring in the fact that a stubby of full-strength beer is more than one standard drink.
  6. See thats why i am a good boy, cause i am not famous.. :grin:
  7. No, I said "a lot of hotels are partially to blame."

    Not everyone is intelligent enough to realise that 60 ml of Wine is a standard drink. When the advertising slogans spout "2 in the first hour and one every hour after that," they're not being entirely helpful, especially to smaller framed people.

    Whilst I would like to think that the entire driving-population would be able to determine when they're over the limit, the reality is that 95% of the road-going public are idiots (the rest are motorcyclists :wink: ).

    Sure, third strike, she's out. I would like to see Mimi lose her license for 10 years.
  8. You wanna be her chauffeur eh :grin:
  9. Yeah sure she was .147 after 4 glasses of wine over 4 hours!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. maybe she was talking about 4 yard glasses of wine :grin:
  11. Didn't she have a sex tape floating around? Or was that a pleasent dream...?
  12. she sure did - standard "pissed off ex-boyfriend posts sextape" stuff , shes not bad neither :shock:
  13. Meh...I s'pose she wasn't that bad