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Milwaukee Cordless Heated Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jun 13, 2012.

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  2. Good for those Canberra Summer mornings
  3. or go one or two sizes larger than you usually would and wear it over your riding gear
  4. If you put it over your riding jacket, you may not feel the heat effectively.
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  5. wouldn't a heated vest underneath be better than this jacket?
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  6. oh yeah.
  7. Cordless is interesting and I see that as the main advantage over a conventional heated vest. Wonder how long the battery lasts on a charge.

    I'd go for a smallish one and wear it directly over my office shirt (on a commute) with my proper riding jacket over everything but my riding jacket is a large 3/4 style beastie. It wouldn't be so practical with the short body-hugging jobs that seem de rigeur these days.
  8. I wear a 2xl ( my berik is a size 60 ) - they dont make em any bigger than that

  9. approx 6 hours heating from the battery

    however what about the battery in an accident - what could happen ?

    its located lower left back
  10. ouch... that would be a big concern to me...
  11. Oops, double post :oops:
  12. Well it could get rammed into something vital or require surgical extraction. I'm certainly cagey about having big hard lumps of stuff near my spine, although I'm fairly relaxed about them anywhere else as long as they're not also sharp or pointy.

    The development of LiPo batteries opens up the interesting possibility of batteries which would conform to the wearer (all the LiPos I've seen have appeared to be a squashy bag inside their protective shell) but then you have their rather exciting tendency to burst into flames at the slightest provocation so it might be a while yet :D.
  13. might help solve the warmth issue.
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  14. This is the heated vest I got for the Eden Trip.

    Fits easily under motorcycle jacket. Has 2 small batteries that sit in pockets out from the spine. Has 2 heat settings, but it was plenty warm enough on low. Thermostatically controlled, plus the on/off high/low wi fi controller is like a watch with a velcro strap, so can be put on handlebars or anywhere. I put mine in the small zip pocket on the front. I got extra set of batteries. They take 3-4 hours to recharge from flat, but can be left on overnight without damage.

    The batteries, heating element detach so you can put the vest in the washing machine.

    Highly recommend it.

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