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Millions of Ducatis...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzStriker, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I just wanted to comment on the number of Dukes attending the Superbikes at Phillip Island.

    I had always considered Dukes to be quite an exclusive brand but they were absolutely everywhere. I could not belive just how many 1098 bikes were there as well, I must have seen dozens of them.

    Oh well you learn something every day!

    I have not been to the Island for many many years, and just walking through the rows and rows of different bikes was fantastic.

    Great day and everyone was very well behaved on the roads in and out.

    I had a sit on an 848 which was a bad idea, my next bike has just gone from a $15k something to a $25k machine now!!!
  2. The 1098 is a very popular bike.. I too must admit i have not really seen as many of one model ducati getting around on the rds.. The other one which is also going to be as popular is the 848.. :grin:
  3. I've put a deposit down on a RC8. Just to be different :wink:
  4. RC8 looked awesome!!
  5. So you are going to get one .. Hmmm will be good to see it.. :twisted:
  6. Yea the 1098 is a truly great bike. In fact Australia is a very important market for Ducati as they sell more bikes here (per total number of riders) than anywhere else in the world - so they're watching closely.

    To me the 848 is a little like the Street Triple - in that they are both being promoted very strongly, yet they are a much poorer version compared to their respective big brothers (the 1098 and the Speed Triple). Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
  7. Ducatis seem to be the opposite of cockroaches.
    They only come out when it's brightly lit and everyone can see them :p.
  8. From what i've read i wouldn't say that they're poorer. Its a different class bike. Lower capacity usually means less weight and greater agility.

    Also in regards to 1098's they're the best selling ducati at the moment i think. Added with the fact that the bike industry growth across all makes have been very healthy its no wonder there's so many of em.
  9. Well will of course take the final buy step once test ridden, but want to get something other than the 1098, but in the same class.

    Still waiting to see if the zx10r is going to be a better second purchase than the new blade.
  10. Please tell me someone got pictures of the Dukes. Please!!
  11. So when you get a Ducati 1098 do people still say "why didn't you buy a Harley?" ??? or do they self-combust on the spot while you're trying to get fuel in peace and quiet ?
  12. As far as the 848 is concerned, it's only a few kilos lighter than the 1098, but with a fair bit less power so to me the only reason to buy it is the cost IMO (it is a fair bit cheaper). The quality of the Street Triple is certainly lower than its' big brother, cheap components etc, this has been its main criticism.

    It's not like there's no market for them, as we can see from the sales figures it's just that I would go for big brother in both cases.
  13. Ducati numbers: could it be that since the Americans took them over they can actually run their factory properly and produce reliable bikes to fill the market demand? I would speculate how long it would take these factors to destroy the Ducati mystique- dependent as it is on unreliability, hard-to-get parts, and 'your guess is as good as mine' delivery times. But I won't because Harley have shown these don't matter and it just means more people are happy with their bikes.

    On small-bore nakeds: they don't make a real lot of sense to me. For mine a naked should grunt, because they are rather useless at over 160km/h, and as unabashed street bikes linear power delivery and 'solid' handling is an advantage. Small bikes cry out to be thrashed. Having said that, there's not much more fun than a Hornet 600 (and thus presumably the Street Cripple will be similar). So I'll shut up, again.

    On 'conformity' poster: amusing, but everyone has to be included, it seems. Crusty Demons played in town on the weekend and I've never seen a more homogeneous crowd... but y'all knew that too, so off I go.
  14. I dont think there is much of an issue of the ducati brand being...turned into a honda style brand i.e everyone has one.

    Base model street bikes (excluding the cheapy monster) are all around the 20 grand mark. The sport 1000(cafe racer style) is a gorgeous bike. So is the motard. But there the ducati that are available to the average joe.

    They keep there exclusivity now, via pricing there "A1" bikes out of reach for the average joe. 1098r i believe is about 60 grand, there desmosedici is about 120. Its quiet interesting.

    For alot of people, myself included, practicality pushes you to buy japanese. Passion is what makes you buy a ducati. I view the influx of 1098's as a good thing, because im betting the majority of owners will offload them if stoner dosnt win again, in which case, saving casey doing a doohan, there will be a heap of cheap 1098's in a few years. Happy days.
  15. Although it's great when people love their bikes, the Shannon's ad to me sums up the sad stereotype that would scare me off a Ducati (and a proper 916-series would be noice- future classic no question).

    They are MUCH more steeply-priced here than overseas, showing that, if Australia is their biggest per-capita market as mentioned above, Australians are also the most likely to, dare I say, pay for a brand?
  16. the demographics of the motorcycle buyer has really changed, there are now a whole bunch of people (like myself) who are starting to get on a bit, kids and housing sorted and have the cash to buy a good bike, so they go and buy something really nice.
    According to Honda, this is behind the styling of the new Fireblade; they realised many buyers are not interested is buying something with a million colors, ninja symbols etc like the kids like ...
  17. I think you're right. Having spent a fair amount of time in the Ducati hospitality Marquee, I thought I was getting a rather skewed view. However, once I was enticed outside I did notice a shed load of the 1098s. I think I've become a dyed in the wool Monsterista, so prolly won't be swayed to a 1098. Although, when I get some more time, I think I'll take one for a test ride.
  18. We suffer the tyrrany of distance and size. Firstly Ducati are held in much higher regard here (historically) than they were in most of the world, inc Italy -I have had huge discussions witch ducatisti as to why that is the case, let's leave if for another thread - but suffice to say that a premium brand is priced accondingly. Secondly there is only the one importer and distributor (Frasers), and we all know what a monopoly does to pricing, thirdly we're a small market, so it doesn't have the attention and agressive marketing that a country like Spain might receive from Ducati.

    Ducati are paying close attention to Australia because they hold an outstanding market share at a premium price. Ideally, this is what they'd like to achieve everywhere ....