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Milking a penalty in soccer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Feb 24, 2011.

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  3. grange...

    it's called football.
  4. no. its really not. not here.
  5. Yes it really is...

    Football Federation Australia the FFA, can't see any S's there...
  6. Just because they're required to call it that by the international body doesn't mean that's what we call it, yet.

    I'm sure they'll win eventually but for now it's not what it's called here. It's Soccer. The place sportsmanship goes to die. *ducks and covers*
  7. Says Who???
    Seeing as the Round Ball game has the highest participation rates in Australia I'm sure it will. As far as your last comment I'll let someone else bite...
  8. that's because they are sheep and want to appear sivilised and cultured. To everyone else, it's soccer.
  9. Sorry don't get it? Calling a sport by it's name is being Sheep???

    I think you'll find it's only soccer to those that don't play it...
  10. Nope. My niece and nephew have been playing Soccer for years.

    Maybe the kids in the wealthy city suburbs are using the newer international name to sound progressive and better than everyone else, but I'm still hearing it being called Soccer on the street, as it should be, AFAIC.
  11. Football by anyone that actually follows or supports the game.
  12. Not sure if you realise it but your just trolling now..

    Haters always gonna hate.
  13. Sorry Stigger, scarred by high school 7-a-side~ (Teaching me forever that people will be as vile as they can get away with :p)
  14. Nope. I've played soccer for over 30 years and still playing today. I have always called it soccer and my dad is Scottish and played at a high level in UK and he calls it soccer here too!
    Football in Aus could mean any one of a number of sports. I prefer to call it soccer.

    If what you say is true googling "soccer club" should return nothing. But there are lots of soccer clubs here in Aus with soccer in their name.
  15. I don't really care what its called to be honest but I believe its the most fitting of the name football compared to everything else that gets called it.
  16. No. Not calling a sport what it is named here, but what it is named over waters is being sheep.

    I think you'll find you're wrong.
  17. to throw a spanner into the works.... what's the comp in America called? MLS?

    Think that means Major League Soccer or am i wrong... if you say football in the street people will ask you AFL or NRL... depending where you live ie sydney most likely would assume NRL and in Melbourne assume AFL
  19. Down here in Mexico we call that bumsniffing game Rugby
    Our code of football Aussie rules or footy
    Soccer is soccer but in reality it is the true football since 95% of the game is by foot unlike the other codes.