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Military Rd/Falcon St Witnessed collision

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by virtual_circuit, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. This morning on the way to work on the overpass on military rd going over the Gore hill Freeway. I was in my car and the lights went green and the biker infront went though but the second light was red (normally its green but occasionally it stays red for about 20 seconds). He was alright but went into the side of a bus probably at about 30kms an hour, saw him fishtail about a second before he hit. Me and my mate pretty much dived out of our car and rushed over to make sure he was ok. He was up and walking around and was trying to pickup his bike. Told him to leave it and we picked it up for him and put it onto the footpath.

    The guy seemed alright but is gonna have a sore shoulder/hip tomorrow morning. So sad to see a Gixxer in that state too :(. What i couldn't believe however was we were a few cars back and no one got out of their car except for us!!! We were out of the car in about 2 seconds to make sure he was alright. The 4x4 at the front just sat there and didn't even get out... Then they all tried to drive around it!! Unbelievable how useless some people are... And mate if you post on here i hope you are alright and have good insurance!

    To tell you the truth i see cars go through that red light probably once or twice a week as there is a set of 3 lights all within 100m of each other. Normally its someone in one of those soccer mum cars and they just barely miss the oncoming traffic! So anyone riding round there remember to take care!
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    That is a nasty intersection. Hope the guy is ok.
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    For the fact that he wasn't wearing any gear other than a helmet and gloves he appeared to be in pretty good shape. Couldn't see any cuts or grazes on him, though the bus pulled the bike sideways so he is gonna have a sore right shoulder/leg/hip probably. He is defiantly very lucky.
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    OK, so now I only feel sorry for the bike.
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    Shame about the crash.. Has anyone ever seen a gsxr rider with gear on? =D
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    This is sydney... when you go down, traffic abuses you for holding them up and overtakes you on both sides while you're still sliding. (Both true stories for me).

    There's only two kinds of motorists, bikers and non-bikers.
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    I wasn't there so perhaps I'm not imagining the situation correctly, but if I was in the same position as the 4wd, and two guys were out of their car and running over to help, and the rider was up and walking, I'd probably stay in the car and try to keep going (within reason) too - no point blocking the road when the situation is under control.
    If I was on the bike I'd probably stop because even on an overpass there would be somewhere to leave the bike that is out of the way.

    I've twice experienced the unpleasantness of coming off and watching people pass whilst picking myself up from the road, but there is a point where you would be more of a hindrance than a help

    Good on you and your mate for being so quick though, and I'm glad the rider is largely ok.
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    I am willing to hold up traffic for however long is necissary to make sure a person who is potenially injured is alright. I've been at the scene of several motor vehicle accidents and having witnessed an accident is is my ethical duty to stop and make sure that everyone is ok (this goes for all motorists even if you do not have proper medical training.. It is an offence to not stop and offer assitance at the scene of an accident if you are the first person on the scene). Last major accident i witnessed a knob.. took a corner too fast in his mirage and slid into a tree. Me and my father chucked the hand break on and hazards and where on the scene straight away blocking the traffic from approuching the accident. At the time there car was leaking fuel and it was pretty lucky other people came ot assist to remove him and his girlfriend from the car cause it would have taken ages for me to get them out with just my father. (They had race seats so we just left them seated and removed the whole seat assembly incase they had spinal injurys).

    Other accident i witnessed was on the freeway watching a BMW X5 with a trailer full of furniture plow into the trees in the medium strip about 30 seconds after i had overtaken him (was pretty scary watching him veer in my rear view mirror). He had fallen asleep at the wheel and the cruise control meant the car just kept going! I slammed on the breaks and turned around through the grass and came flying back. Jumped out and made sure he was ok and gave him a blanket etc. Let me just say BMW X5 has awesome protection!! he hit the trees at 110 and didn't even look injured other than being a bit pale.

    At the very least there was quite a bit of debree on the road they could have helped move some of it instead of just driving over it..
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    I agree if you are the first witness it is entirely your responsibility to call for help and attend to the injured until the professionals arrive, no excuses. But if there are people already surrounding the injured it's fairly safe to say the ambo's have been called and there's not much more you could contribute. In the situation above I would have gotten out even if I saw you and your mate already attending to the poor guy. you may not be needed but you never know, maybe they need a hand with the bike or just an extra set of hands around. If someone ever had a go at me for getting out of my car to help an injured person I would tell them to go and get F**KED, and if the reason they were angry was because I was "holding up traffic" I would probably cause some damage to their car ha ha.
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    have made that mistake there myself as those lights are f_cked. and yes.. those damn gixxer riders holding up traffic.. whatever will the mozzzmanites do ?.
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    you sure ?.
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    Thats only my belief, not an actual law. Each to their own I guess, adding a whole 5 mins to your journey is pretty much the worst thing that could happen to you....
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    true. not law but anyone can AT LEAST stop and make sure the person isnt run over and call the ambos. if at all possible even a small amount of help may save their life.
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    even if 2 guys were already there helping the guy an extra body to slow down and direct traffic is often VERY helpful and needed and with only 2 people there maybe they hadn't had the chance to ring ambulance yet if needed. Yeah we don't need a ton of people standing round gawking but its pretty cold to watch it and then be more concerned with being held up than the people involved. - and the few accidents I've helped at the people who hit the other car/bike often need someone keeping them still and calm.
  15. Yeah I was going to point that out, takes more than 2 people to control a crash scene. Its fun playing traffic control too, and by doing so you can help a buffer zone around the crash area and help keep traffic moving without compromising safety. Better than leaving cagers to call upon their common sense - because they dont have any.
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  17. ****ing cages.

    Oh, wait...
  18. Re: Military Rd/Falcon St

    I completely agree with this. A mate of mine got rear-ended while we were out for a ride and one of the pricks passing by gave him the old Nelson HaHa.
  19. that intersection really is a baboons ruptured anus, which ever planning consultant designed it should be given a lethal injection and have his organs piffed on ebay.

    just because the guy got up and started walking around right after the accident definately does NOT garrentee he isnt badly injured... its called adrenelin :rolleyes:

    and in either case its pretty friggin jack if no one gets out to give them a hand. friggen sydney drivers will whinge and whine about something being in the way, but wont do jack shit to help...
  20. Re: Military Rd/Falcon St

    About 4 cars stopped to help me up when I went for a slide, two of em headed the other way jumped the median strip to get to me. The sad thing is, judging by the way they picked up the bike and told me to go easy on the brakes etc, they were probably all motorcyclists.

    People won't really appreciate it til they're put in that position themselves.