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Milestone for me,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Well I just clocked up 30,000klms since I bought my Bird in June 2008.
    Which is quite a milestone for me, as I only ride it on weekends for fun,
    Two puntures and one drop going slow, now repaired,
    The Bird is one awesome piece of machinery,
    Ill be riding my Moped for a long time to come,

  2. Doing that many km's just as a weekend rider is a mighty effort. For many more milestones to come.
  3. lies, we went riding on a week day once!

    good job mate :) ride soon? just bought meself a new machine :)
  4. I seen it, it looks nice,

    Its better than sitting home between jobs, I dont commute on it. I use a truck for work,
    Any time for a ride,
  5. should be free sunday, if you are around that would be great. still learning this new one though, so i cant promise to go quick :p
  6. Just take your time, learn your bike first, Thats more important than going quick,
    Not sure yet what I am doing Sunday,
  7. Happy milestone and many many more
  8. Well done mate,

  9. I've done 20,000 klms since then (when I bought my bike, too!), thought that was a lot, you've done more, now thats a good effort!