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Mileage - pls read

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. hey,
    in the market for a new bike sometime and have come down to a couple. the CBR250R, CBR250RR and the VFR400 (RVF400).

    am more into the VFR because of its look and better power. but the CBR has always been a fav of mine. have read over stats and stuff and the two CBR's are pretty much the same right? RR revs higher, twin front brakes and a lower seated position.

    my main question is the mileage that you get out of the bikes on a single tank of fuel before you run it dry. was looking at a VFR site and had to convert some miles to kilometers and a VFR could get about 205-10 km's before it ran out. but i cannot find anything about the CBR's.

    if people out there who own a CBR / VFR could tell me how many k's you get out of a single tank that would be greatly appeciated.

  2. I once got 360km out of the babyblade
  3. Oh yeah? Well I got 420!

    (starting at top of big hill)
  4. i only get 240 from my cb250..........i'm thinking that i may be underfilling the tank? do you guys stick the bouser hose in all the way or only half way?
  5. fill em to the bottom of the filler neck and the 250's will get you much further than the 400, which has a race track only size fuel tank.
  6. Ive gotten 370km from 15ltrs out of my GPX
  7. i get bout 200km generally, but i'm sure if you didn't treat it like a race bike you'd get further.

    keep in mind, the cbr 250 has only got a 13L tank. but i've never run it dry and never put more then 10.5L in it.

    i remember when i first got it i was bout 25km per litre. now i get bout 20.

    so if i had a full tank when i started i may have gotten 250km or more.
  8. ok so 350 nad 420 k's on a single tank, anyone else have any more max mileages? come on - theres plenty of CBR250RR/VFR400 owners out there, anything is much appreciated
  9. sorry i should have added that my tank is 13L including reserve. i think reserve is bout 2L
  10. You should find what your after here

    RVF-400 is crazily overpriced (VFR is cheaper because its not LAMs approved) if your thinking of getting one why are you even concerned about fuel mileage? If you want to save money dont get an RVF.

    I was riding with a ZX10 on the weekend and when we filled up at 200km my ZZR250 took 11L and his ZX10 took 12L. We were supprised at how little difference there was. Both were riden at the same pace, but obviously the 250 was taking more of a thrashing to achieve the same speed.

    At 18L the ZZR/GPX have some of the better fuel range for a 250.
    Definatly dont get an Across :LOL:
  11. not planning on a RVF. a VFR has a bit more power than a 250 but not a gas gussler like a 600 and has the look of a CBR which i like plus the single swing arm and all. i would get a cbr at the drop of a hat, decent fuel efficency and all but a want a VFR just that little bit more. the main thing differing the two is how many k's you get per tank because i am on my bike all the time, i mean all the time and carving up kilometers by the hundred per week. so if a VFR is going to be only getting 200k's per tank compaired to about 250+ for a cbr then that would help me figure out what bike to get. follow?
  12. Gee, that bike didn't last long, then, did it?
  13. Ah ok, if your off your P's the VFR would be a great little bike.

    I have the same issue with k's doing 100km a day to work and dont want to have to fill up every second day.

    But like my example with the ZX10, on the highway theres very little difference. Its only realy in the city that the bigger bikes guzzle more fuel.

    Dont forget to consider tyre costs, a $500 set of tyres that gets 8000km costs the same per km as fuel does :shock:
    The little CBR will be cheaper on the tyres.
  14. well i have my full licence and am thinking of getting a decent bike with a bit of power (VFR) but also atm i use my bike a heap and fuel efficency comes back to a CBR. my current bike is great for now but it isnt fast and anywhere near as fun as riding a sports bike.
    after have a go of my mates; fuel efficency is thrown out the window when you see the tacho rev up well over 10000 rpms overtaking someone or just gunning it for fun.
    but in general i want a bike that has a decent amount of power coming from it/decent accelleration, easy of fuel but also because i have my full licence i can ride anything so why get a 250 when i can get a 400, 600 or 1000 etc.