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Mileage from Pirelli Dragon Spercorsa

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Azzab, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. I looked at a Daytona on the weekend. One owner, 2008 model with 9800klm on the clock.

    The original tyres are still on it and the owner and I disagree as to how time the tyres have left. Based on what I saw I reckon they'd be lucky to pass roadworthy, he seems to think there is plenty left.

    So how many kilometers can you expect from a set of Pirelli Dragons with average use? This owner is a weekend rec rider only - not a charger (big chicken strips left).
  2. opinions on tyres are like arseholes.

    Sounds like you are try to use them to bring down his price, obviously he would take an opposite stand.

    If you, the rider, think they are ready to change, change them.

    If they are squared off, down to the wear indicators, change them.

    If you think they'll be right, and CBF, don't.

    Tell me what roadworthy is champ.
  3. I have no interest in using anyones opinion to bring down his price. I have made an offer, stated my opinion justifying my price and thats that. He either accepts or declines. I am however still a new rider so posted this thread make sure my judgement call on the life of the tyres based on the visual wear I saw and what other people have experienced is sound.
  4. Find the treadwear indicators & see how much tread is above the indicator. They are set at 1.6mm from the bottom of the groove. It might look like the grooves still have depth, but once you get to the indicator it is classed as unroadworthy. Might only be in one spot(middle, left, right, etc) but any point would deem the tyre unroadworthy according to the law.

  5. Without having a close up pic of the tyres, there's no way to make a call on them. Tyres can be worn out quicker by one rider doing the same mileage as another. What is 'average use' anyway?

    At the end, they won't have a lot of life in them any more after nearly 10k so you will have to replace them sooner, rather than later. If you think they're unroadworthy, you'll find out when he gets the roadworthy done. If they pass, well you just have to swallow your pride and pay the price.
  6. Agree with Whitey. There's a black and white argument as to whether the tyre would be road worthy or not with the indicator.
    New the tyre has approx 8mm from the wear indicator. You can use that to guess % of wear remaining.
    I have about 5k on the same tyre and it's like new.
  7. Check the age of the tyres. The year and week of manufacture is on the side of the tyres. Often in a box. Its a four digit number eg 1507 would be the fifteenth week of 2007. This would indicate a 5 year old tyre.

    In my limited experience and from what I've read, this would be about the limit for reasonable grip, even if there is a reasonable amount of tread. I have found this type of wear can cause problems even around town commuting (eg slippery roundabouts).
  8. You'll also want to check for cracking of the tyre, particularly around the edges/chicken strips. Cracks in the tyre usually mean it's un-roadworthy.
  9. My 10c (I run them on my track bike): Dragon Supercorsa Pro is a soft compound competition and track day tyre. It will wear quicker than an average road tyre in exchange for better grip, esp when used at full lean angle, partly why it is treaded in the centre 1/3rd and slick on the outside 1/3rds. It heats up slowly (warmers come in handy for track days). So back to your question, they dont come with as much meat as say a Dunlop or a Michellin, so dont freak out if the rubber looks a little lean.. run em down to the tread indicator, then change em.. As I said they are soft for a reason, made to be sticky rather than last, I wouldnt expect any more than 4-5000k's tops on the road from a brand newy on a 600 spiritedly ridden..
  10. Being an 08 model on original tyres, regardless of the tread depth the tyres will be getting towards the end of their optimum life. They would be 4-5 years old from production & would have started to harden & become less pliable due to vulcanisation, resulting in potentially less grip than what could be expected.

    You will be needing to change the tyres soon regardless.

  11. Buy the bike, put new tyres....simple.

    Chucking your new pride and joy down the road soon after buying it due to poor tyres would suck!
  12. They cannot possibly be the original tyres! If I am correct, they are a quite soft compound, and no matter how you rode with them, they are designed to wear quickly. That's where the traction comes from.
    A 'dragon' supercorsa, being a supercorsa, could not see past 4-5k with any kind of riding, and would have an easy to see flat spot, or be down to the markers on the sides. Numbers like 8k would seem absurd.
    I run the Diablo supercorsa sc2, which wears more quickly of course, but if I was able get even wear over the tyre, I am in the 3-4k range max. Throw in a couple of track days and 2-3k tops. The early dragons would leave me slack jawed if they were any good at all with around 8k.

    Personally, unless the tyres of any bike are pretty new, I would replace them. These definitely if they have been on the bike that long. I could not trust them. The rubber is too old.
    I'm pretty firm on my opinion, But, I say all of that based on generalisations, having not seen the tyres myself.

    These are not a tyre one buys for longevity of life. As you indicated that you are a fairly new rider, I believe you would be much better off with the 3 compound 'Rossi's).
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  13. Dragon supercorsa like new at 5k? Huh?...no major flat spot, centreline creeping? That's pretty impressive. I would have expected them to be dead, and down to the wear indicators closer to the centreline at least?
  14. when i first saw this thread i thought exactly the same thing.

    theres no way that you could have 'like new' supercorsas at 5000km, or even 2000km at that!!
  15. This is being sold with registration?
    I'm not sure on this but doesn't Qld require any light vehicle sold with registration to have and display a current safety certificate?

    That doesn't mean you will not need to change them soon but answers the question as to whether they would pass a safety certificate. The onus is on him if it is sold registered.

    I might be wrong on this. A reference is at http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Registration/Buying-or-selling-a-used-vehicle/Safety-certificates.aspx
  16. When I bought my Daytona it had the original dragons on it at 5,500 which needed to be changed. A few hundred kms on the first day and I was showing the belts. I tried some other tyres but went back to the supercoarsa because they were so good. 4,000km on a rear wasn't uncommon.
  17. Hmm strange, I thought that figure was pretty high too. But being new to bikes wasn't sure.

    The offer I made was subject to new tyres being put on and if he doesn't want to do it and they do somehow pass roadworthy my price drops becuase I want new tyres for sure.

    What are the 3 compund Rossi's? Had someone else suggest Bridgestone 003's?

    @ NSSherlock - I think you're right, but like all legislation people tend to bend the rules. Most people I have talked to say they will get it when they have a keen buyer (as the certificates expire). Haven't seen one yet with the cert in place. I'm not too fussed though, as long as it passes before it changes hands and has clear title Im happy :)
  18. As others have said, if they are that old, replace them. There's a date stamp on the tyre, that will tell you when they were made.

    Even if they're old but have tread, they may still pass roadworthy, but that's beside the point.
  19. Why don't you go buy a new bike with new tyres instead of cracking the sad's because the seller doesn't want to lower the price, perhaps his price is respective of the fact the tyres need replacing soon?
  20. Haha cracking the sad's, that's gold :) Pretty simple answer though, I don't want to spend the extra $5k!

    Oh and if you read the thread properly, you'd see he thinks the tyres are just fine, so no it isn't in his price equation ;)

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