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Mileage and reliability of GS500

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MrRyannnnnnnn, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I need to drive about 1000km per week. I currently have a 2006 ford fiesta with 60000k on the clock. I would rather conserve this car and not put so much kms on it. So im thinking of buying a suzuki gs500 to use on the highway. I cannot afford anything more expensive at this point in time.

    Would I save much on fuel? how much does it cost to fill a tank and does it last long?

    I have heard they are very reliable too, ok on the highway sitting on 100kph? would a bike around the 2003-2007 model be ok on the highway each day? If i had the money I would buy a gsx650FU but I cant afford it.
  2. Fuel wise it should be cheap. But remember that you will be up for an oil and filter change once a month and new tyres every 8-12 weeks or so.
  3. Oh ok is that very expensive? I guess I could learn to change oil and filters as I hear the GS500 is easy to maintain.

    Roughly how much do you think a tank of fuel would last on the highway? and how much to fill up?

    Cheers mate
  4. About $20 to fill up, and a tank is about 300-350km before reserve.
  5. Can't see it being cheaper than your micro car in the long run

    Just do the miles on the car, and when it dies chuck another motor in it.
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  6. For a GS500 naked I have heard of people getting 400k out of a tank, but that must have been outside of commuting, never saw that commuting myself. I imagine the F version with the full fairing would do better with less wind resistance.

    The stock tyres that mine came with lasted about 20000k

    Basic air cooled engine, someone mechanically minded could do all the servicing themself and save cash there as well.
  7. You won't save money, except on parking dependant on destination and situation, but you will gain thrills.
    You will probably get 5ishL per 100kms.
    Oil about $40 a change, as mentioned roughly monthly and filter every other time.
    I would clean and lube the chain weekly to extend their life, or get an oiler. Chain and sprockets are exxy.
    Tyres you will get between 12000 to 20000 kms.
    So monthly DIY maintenance you are looking at 1 hr +.
    That mileage, think if you are going to be happy to ride in the freezing cold and pissing rain.

    To me though, a no brainer, ride. I would consider a fairing, any fairing is better than none.
  8. i have a GS500F and in city riding i will get around 4.7L/100k, highway economy of 4L/100k.

    Basic servicing is extremely simple. Just need some basic tools and get a hold of a service manual (which will probably be less than the cost of a single service at a mechanic) or look on youtube.

    I cant imagine the saving would be significant over using a small hatchback (probably roughly the same) once you factor in maintaining chain, and the regular tyre replacement bikes require. It will be a hell of a lot more fun though, and if you are in a situation where you are stuck in gridlocked traffic filtering to the front is handy :)
  9. Considering how many k's he does I would think the bike would pay itself off quickly, they're not that expensive to run especially if you're mechanically minded and can do all the servicing yourself. Even the valve clearances on the GS500 isn't out of reach for a moderately capable spanner

    If you want to get the ultimate cheap bike get a CB250 or GN250
  10. Are you talking about commuting to and from work, or riding around for work? If the latter then personally I'd get a cheap car, and avoid killing the passion for the bike. I also agree that you probably won't find it cheaper than getting a $3k two door once you factor in tyres and parts and servicing, what you will find is that you get wet, cold, uncomfortably hot, and in danger. I've never owned a car in my life, so I'm not speaking as a wimp, but stuff heroism - sometimes cars are better! I get so sick sometimes of commuting through the freezing cold in the pouring rain with low vision.

    in terms of your choice, a GS is about as good as you could get. If you weren't doing highways I'd also suggest something like an SR250 because when it comes to old-fashioned 250s then yes you are approaching good old cheap motorcycling that's still reliable. Another option is a Kawasaki KLR650. The water-cooled engine should do high kms I would assume. And being a single it should be cheaper were it to need a rebuild (though probably close in rebuild costs to the simple of GS). I'd go for a 10-15 year old GS or KLR top find something quite cheap but still reliable. Wear it out, throw it out, and start again. Another option is a Hornet - complicated engine-wise compared to these, but they can do kigh kms easily, are very capable on the highway and around town, the tyres I was using gave 15,000km, and you can get one for $3k.
  11. Who 'conserves' a Ford Fiesta???!!!!:rofl:

    Definitely a bike, 4 days a week. Use the car on the crappiest weather day, and enjoy the heater, radio and cup holders!=D>

    I dont mind commuting in bad weather, but often the gear doesn't dry out in time for the next ride.

    As mentioned, if you are commuting through to the city, the bike will pay for itslef in parking and time savings - and enjoyment!
  12. Hi! I had a 2009 Ford Fiesta (same 1.6l engine as yours) and had economy of best 5.2, worst 7.8 and usual 6.7/100kms. I did 16,000 kms over 2 years. I sold it and bought a 2009 Suzuki GS500F (faired) which I have had since Sept, best economy was 2.88/100kms, worst was 5.2 and usually 3 and a bit. But to be honest, on the freeway at 100kph in 6th gear your sitting just over 5k on the tacho which at first sucks compared to the (admittedly still buzzy and in need of another ratio) Fiesta. To be honest, the bike isn't much fun on the freeway and if your doing that many k's and it's freeway keep using the car. Bike is far more fun on twisty roads though. Also, the seat gets a bit hard after an hour or so. And finally, if it's mainly freeway kays your Fiesta economy would probably be better than mine as mine was mainly inner city driving.
  13. GS500 was the first bike i ever owned. Can't remember the exact details but i think i got around 25km to the litre, and i never had a problem with it. You might need to change the tyres to something that lasts longer.
  14. I bought my GS500F in January with 44,000 on the ODO, am now sitting at 48,000 and can say that you won't regret a thing. I'm glad I got the F model, as it gives you something to hide behind to get out of the wind, but for commuting I guess it doesn't matter so much.

    The bike has no problems at all sitting at highway speeds, and if you need to overtake a semi or something then there's still plenty of power left for overtaking, and as a learner, is plenty powerful enough for taking on the hills and twisties without feeling left behind.

    I'm starting to feel the limitations now, but I still have 12 months and at least 16,000km to get ready for the upgrade.

    When you get your bike, whatever it may be, after the first week of arriving at work alert, grinning and ready to face anything instead of wanting to punch something after 2 hours in traffic, you'll wonder why you ever had to ask the question "bike or car".
  15. I am a mature (age) newbie, licenced 2 months, riding a Suzuki GS500 (Dec 2008) naked bought privately in Sep 2011 for $4000. I've added about 5000km so it has now over 31000km. I bought it as my learner bike, for touring because I currently live in the country, and later for commuting when I move back to the city.

    And also to learn basic maintenance. I have the Haynes service manual plus reading as widely as I can to learn about my bike by doing my own scheduled maintenance. I am not an experienced mechanic but I have done basic car servicing and can use tools, so I am carefully following the Haynes instructions.

    I've never worked on a bike before, and just done the 30,000km major service all myself. Just for interest I priced various spare parts, and they are much cheaper than I expected.

    I'm really happy with this as a first bike in all respects. Very comfortable at freeway speeds, also going up Mt Hotham, Falls Ck.

    I did drop it once on the road (stalled during a slow U-turn on a slope at full lock and fell because my leg didn't reach the ground because of the downslope) and there was no real damage, only light scratch on the bar end, brake lever, timing cover and pipe. Hardly noticeable.

    So, I don't have any experience of other bikes, but I'm rapt in what I have. Great value for money, and hopefully will have a decent resale value too. (y)
  16. Wow.. so many GS500 riders out there!

    Dunno where you're from, but i'm in Sydney.. When I used to live out campbelltown way and rode into work at St Leonards, I filled up twice a week (that's about 60kms one way)

    Rode against traffic, and was rarely under the speed limit/ Freeway for 95% of the journey. Dunno what that translates to in all other measurements, and since I didn't have a fuel gauge, I did flick it to reserve on more than one occasion..
  17. GS500F with a big touring screen on it would be good for you.

    oil change will be piss easy, pretty much all you do is pour the old stuff out and put the new stuff in, its not complicated. so you can save money there, buy a big drum of oil direct from the factory, there is one in sydney i forget its name. Anyway you will save a lot of money that way.

    i reckon you should do it.

    Why do you need to ride so far?
  18. i ride a gs and do around 200km a week it cost between $20-$25 to fill from reseve and i get about 250 untill reseve on the highway but i normal push it way past the speed limit and plus i'm about 6ft and 100kg so i'm no featherweight on the back but i both drive a holden barina and riden the gs and i would deffnertly say go the gs if you do all the work your self it is cheaper then a shitty cage
  19. As of friday, another GS500 rider here! 2010 model, haven't done a whole tank yet, but looks like 350-380km. (still riding like a pussy of course, just got m Ls)
  20. after about 2 tanks that riding like a pussy thing goes away and you start to play not always a good idea though:biker::biker::biker: