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Mildura to Keilor, first time riding since a fair while

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by mattizie, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Hi folks, finally got my licence back, and now a new bike.

    Don't know what compelled me to do it, but I found a ninja 250, 09, 6.4k km, near mint condition, for $3.6k with RWC. Only problem was, it was in Mildura.

    I lost my licence in feb 2012, and since then the only time I I've been able to get in the saddle was when I went to Thailand in June, best thing to do when you've lost your licence; take that holiday you've been saving for, and enjoy PROPER riding, riding to the conditions, not an arbitrary speed posted on a metal stick.

    Anyway, yesterday I went to take delivery of the Ninja, I took an overnight coach from Melbourne, left at (9:30pm), and arrived at 6:30am. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep on the bus.

    Picked up the bike; nothing wrong except one scratch on the dial, and an unevenly worn rear tire.

    Paid for the bike and started the long journey home, took a
    few wrong turns on the way, and was driving pretty slowly (I'm not sure what my ACTUAL speed is when the bike says 100), just to be safe from the police. Got home about 4pm.

    I've never noticed how uncomfortable ninja 250 seats are after the first 3 hours, I could've sworn my old ninja (exact same, only different colour), wasn't that bad.

    Ended up pulling over and having a rest a fair few times, not including lunch, just to stretch my legs and sit on something other than a bike seat, for the first time since I started riding.

    Also, been reading a few threads in the section; I dunno how you guys go for such long rides on highways especially... doesn't it get boring on straight highways all the time? I mean mountain roads I can understand, but highways?
  2. Epic trip, the pains will abate once you get a bit of bike fitness up I would guess. Welcome back to the world of riding, and yes highways are incredibly boring, avoid them where you can.
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    "The secret is in the emptiness.
    The message is the thing we have feared,
    the thing we have avoided
    that we have looked at and skirted."

    Long highway rides can be wonderful with the right bike. You sink into a kind of reverie. And if you let your eyes slowly open to the environment and really take things in, then you see constant changes. I love riding in that part of the State.


    I've done plenty of riding in that part of the State and the problem is the straightness, where you sit in one position for hours (as opposed to moving your position around when travelling on twisty roads). An air-hawk, or in my case a $10 inflatable camping pillow, used to help a lot on the Hornet. It must be a sports bike position/seat thing. I haven't had such problems on the variety of other bikes that I've ridden up there, which have all been more upright.
  4. Wow big ride on one of the most uneven roads in Vic, well done
    Even in a B-double with air suspension seat that road is bad lol
  5. Yeah. I can understand that long highway rides can be dull - especially if "highway" means something like the Hume - but I don't find anything particularly physically unpleasant about long distances in a straight line, and they're a lot less mentally exhausting than doing tight twisties for a long distance.

    But as cjvfr alluded to, there are often more interesting routes available that don't take much longer than the highway.

    Anyway, congrats on the long ride and welcome back to being on the bike again!