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Mild postie bike engine dying issue.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BlueR1, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a 2008 ct 110 Honda with 30,000 kms on the clock. Overall, the issue is that it wants to die sometimes.
    More specifically, when it is first started, it idles just fine at what sounds like the prescribed 1,500 rpm. It also revs just fine. Once its warm it idles ok - well, then with the application of the throttle, it dies a bit before it picks back up and revs normally. Sometimes when I am stopped at the lights, I have to maintain the rpm a bit with the throttle to stop if from dying. This doesn't happen through out the ride though. The bike doesn't seem to be lacking any noticeable amount of its whopping 7.5hp either.

    So far I have check the battery and it has adequate charge. Its not blowing any noticeable amount of smoke, and certainly not of any particular discernible colour. Its chewing through oil slowly. On removing the spark plug, it appears to be soot covered (perhaps the residue of burnt oil?).

    So Far, I have given the carby a good spray with carby cleaner. and every few days I top up the oil.

    My mate, who is a bit more mechanically experienced, suggested that my piston rings are a bit worn, so it's burning a bit of oil which is sooting up the spark and that's where I am getting these dying issues from.

    Whats your opinion?
  2. This is a common problem with some bikes, especially the ct110. Basically the carbie slide needle & nozzle wear, making the engine run rich at part throttle. Honda might sell the parts as a kit, if not just get the slide needle and nozzle.
  3. your probbally riding to close to letterboxes , the bike just gunna slow down like its been trained to do.

    try floging its guts out on the main road,
  4. Cool. Thanks for that. I'll look up he parts and give it a go!

    Cheers Phil, Ill try and get of those dang foot paths!
  5. Tinkerer is on the money their also the float needle wears giving it a higher float level.Replace them all and it should run sweet.Make sure your air box is sealed (no holes except the one it needs).