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Milage on a Madass 125?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by powinc, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. What sort of milage can you get from a Madass 125? They seem to have a very small fuel tank.

    Does this mean lots of trips to the petrol station?

  2. I don't recall filling mine up too much. Fuel seemed to be largely optional.

    As I recall it had about a 6L tank, which should be good for somewhere around 200km. Just watch the reserve. I ran out once on primary, switched it to reserve, and got an extra 150m...

    Not good.
  3. Thanks for that Earle.

    I've also heard that the reserve tank does not get you very far. But are you sure about 200km on a tank? That seems a bit too much?
  4. According to the specs on Sachs website tank capacity is 5.1L on 125cc model, and 4.6L on 50cc model. I'd say 200kms on one tank seems possible, if ridden gently by a rider of modest weight - I get similar fuel consumption on my new runabout, a 100cc Piaggio scoot.
  5. That sounds about right.

    I averaged around 2.5L/100km around town (65kg). And I am massively soft with the right wrist.
  6. I get about 160km on main tank
  7. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Hehe, admittedly I ring the NECK of my Madass, but I'm surprised when I get 130km (about 2.95l/100km) before hitting reserve. Usually around 115 - 120km( = around 3.35l/100km :oops: :oops: ), but I do ride mostly in HEAVY inner city traffic = lots of stop-start...

    I hit reserve after using around 3.85litres, so still have a good 20km before starting to worry.
  8. Reserve is .35 litres according to the owners manual, but your experience seems to differ, since that would give a figure of 60km/L or roughly 360Km per tank! I've heard others say they get about 20K on reserve.
  9. i think i get a bout 180, before reserve but i always fill up much earlier so hard to tell. I ring it in every gear too, but I don't way too much either.
    Interesting though, I've been a touch over 100 km/h on more than one occasion, just the fuel cuts out, bike slows down to 80.
    I've heard others haven't got more than 80/85 before ??
  10. I get 2.7L/100 km on varied riding. I have seen 180km on a tank but didnt want to push it any further.
  11. Okay, looks hopeful. I read 120Km per tank on a couple of review sites but I guess they were being conservative. 180 or more sounds a lot better.
  12. I'd look into making a custom tank. might be over capitalising but you easily make a 10l plus tank that would sit over the main member. think where a normal tank is.

    if you got something with 10l (still really small) that would turn your 180k range into 360k.... thats allot more appealing for commuting.

    still get 15k on there and you are laughing your way to over 500km per tank.

    if you know someone with a welder... get going
  13. LOL. 500km range. Only if you want to go touring on it.
  14. actually, I can cover up to 150km a day easy in my line of work (just around town). When I had a postie for a couple of months, I was putting fuel in nearly everyday which was a hassle.

    If I can find a way to increase mileage it will be a boon. For both around town and touring.
  15. If you are doing 150km a day then the 3000km oil changes will be an issue as that will come up in 20 days or less than 3 weeks (although I change mine every 2000km). Also my Madass has 11000km on it and really is showing signs of age thats only a few months with your mileage. Ok you can just put a new engine in but well that is a bit of hassle.

    I really like my Madass and it is great for splitting and parking anywhere but I would be considering something else if you are doing that many km. If you are doing about 150km per week and parking outside it is a perfect bike.

    The extra tank would also make parking and splitting that much harder which detracts from the advantage of the bike.
  16. It's not that I always do that, most weeks it's normal, but some weeks I'll be doing those sort of k's and going by the postie, putting fuel in everyday does become a chore when you are used to a car only needing fuel every 4 days or so.

    Anyway, I'll play it by ear and see how I go. I'll also be alternating with the car when I need to transport equipment duing the day.

    Regarding maintenence, I'm a firm believer that machines are designed to work and keep working providing they are maintained as required. I don't mind doing regular maintenence, in fact I enjoy it. If the madass proves to be less durable than a postie, I'll probably sell it and get a postie tbh. Or I'll get a motor that is durable.
  17. Excellent it is a good bike you will have fun with it. I keep thinking that I should sell mine while I can get something for it. That would be the smart decision financially but it is one of the funnest bikes I have owned. I had a postie as well I think that the Madass is much better around town as it stops quicker and handles better so the Madass is a lot quicker as you can keep speed where you couldn't on the postie without taking too much risk because of not being able to stop.
  18. SOunds good then. I've got my license now so I'm starting to put a few miles under my belt on the madass and what you say is true. It stops on a dime (though I might get thicker oil for the forks), and it also handles hills a bit better than the postie did.
  19. well its good for commuting too. i commute 500km a week and at the moment i have to fill up 2 or 3 times a week. which often eeks into my profit time.
  20. I never get why people laugh at the concept of riding a small bike long distances. Hell, to an airline pilot, the concept of taking TEN HOURS to drive a car from Brisbane to Sydney must seem pointless, bet yet people still do it. People drive cars all over the country with no intention of getting anywhere fast - it's just about the journey not the destination.

    Same can apply on two wheels as well. Some even do it on pedal power :)