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milage on 2nd hand motorbikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by friedel, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, I am just about to buy my first motorbike and i am wondering what is considered to be alot of kilometers for a bike. the motorbike i am looking at is a 250 spada with around 65,000km for $3500. will this jsut be a bag of trouble?

  2. I know spadas that have gone 150,000kms, I also know of a couple that have needed engine rebuilds with less than 40,000 on them.

    It depends upon how well the engine has been looked after.
  3. Personally I don't buy any sports bike over 40 on the clock, but that's just me and my personal reasons. If I know it's been looked after with dedication, then I may buy it over 40, but prob not.
  4. I'm the same but that's only because i will put a crapload on it myself.

    You need to ask why you have to pay $3.5k for 65,000km when surely $4.5k would get one with 20,000kms and younger?
  5. 3.5k is shittones too much. Try 2k 2.5 max if everything is in good condition and lots of rego. It is after all ~1989 I'm assuming..
  6. What they said man, I was looking for a spada when I started, and yea, was finding ones just under 40,000kms for about 2500negotiable. See if your budget lets you get one with lower kms, a "cheaper" one with higher kms might need a little bit of cash dumped into it making the saving dissapear.
  7. Not necessarily a bag of trouble but I think you can find a Spada with that mileage a fair bit cheaper or spend a little more and get one with less on the clock. That doesn't mean its any better looked after though. :roll:
    My main issue with high mileage "learner" bikes is the riders are usually "learning" about what riding is all about and that means maintenance as well. To me it means the higher the mileage the higher chance maintenance has been neglected or forgotten all together.

    If you're not set on a Spada 3.5k will get you a good ZZR250.

    Don't forget to set some cash aside for insurance and gear.
  8. lot of good people here giving you the right advice , too expensive .

    wait and save up more money or get a second job
    ( I know its hard waiting )

    you don't want something that's going to let you down or cost even more to fix .. 1500 or 2000 gets you a much younger bike .

    good luck