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Mik's MT

Average User Rating:
  1. Nice wheel man. I like the colour!
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  2. Great shots mate. Bike looks tough.
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  3. Great angles. Pipe must sound awesome.
  4. looks great
  5. I have one on order as well are they as good as all the reviews say? I am getting MT 07 in Matte Grey so keen to get it plus getting back on the road again after all these years and to do it legally! A
  6. I'd say the bike will definitely, at the very least, live up to the expectations you may have from reading some of the reviews out there.
  7. Congrats on the new machine! What became of the ninja?
  8. I think the bloke who got it will be using it for the track as he stripped it and sold a bunch of parts to his mate who was rebuilding one.