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Mike Leyland dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Very sad, i remember watching there adventures as a wide eyed kid and wanting to go exploring all over our great wide land


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  3. Was a great show in the 70's but has dated somewhat in recent replays.

    RIP to a great pioneer of Australian Travel TV.
  4. A top show.
    Ya gotta hand it to the Leylands...they had an idea and they got off their bums and did it.
  5. In other words, it's not a "slick" production made up of fake people, contrived scripts, weird vision effects and the like.

    Whatever you may have thought of the show it did well for the time.

    What is sad about how he died that it's a miserable way to go. A close friend has Parkinsons and has been suffering it for probably 8 years now (he's 53). It forced him into retirement from a successful law practice. He's coping but man, it makes you want to cry when the disease is at its worst.
  6. .....paved the way for the more modern outback adventurers :grin:
  7. watched it with my dad and he always went 'woooarr' when the wet tshirt shot came up, bloody great show for it's time!

    My brother and I were keen bush walkers in our teens and he would ask "where are we Mike?" and I would respond "fcuked if I know Mal" Not funny now but then it was.

    RIP mate.
  8. Funny thing is they used a simple Super8 camera for most of their early stuff :shock:
  9. And the song....."Travel all over the countryside, ask the Leyland Brothers" :facepalm:

    Can't get it out of my head now :?
  10. Doh! i had just succeeded in getting the song out of my head, now back to square 1 i guess :LOL:
  11. Teeheehee... In those opening credits they are driving my choice of four wheeled transport.

    Except mine's orange and white hehe.


    Still... I do remember as a kid my parents singing "Don't know where that is. Ask the Leyland Brothers."

    May his spirit live on in the souls of those who choose to explore.

    Rest In Peace. :wink:
  12. Living in Newcastle at the same time as they started their adventures, you couldn't avoid their jingle and their amateur but engaging presentation. In a significant way, the Leylands started the Aussie explorer syndrome.

    I was listening to an interview with their cameraman on the day Mike died, and he said that when they went and filmed Ayres Rock, no white man had been there for the previous six months. How that's changed :LOL:.