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mike doing some advertising!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, May 5, 2005.

  1. I returned to my bike after a day of uni to find a familiar business card sitting on my bike! :D

    trying to get some business from all the RMIT geeky bike riders eh?

  2. nah, he was in filming footage on monday night at the rmit/channel31 studio for another guest apperance on two wheel torque. they where so impressed with the first 3 minute segment 6 weeks ago that they asked him back and did a 10 minute special on ocdracing at the shop on sat last and 5 minutes in the studio on monday night. they have even bought a bandit 1200 as a two wheel torque project bike and are getting him to do some tricks with it to get it into streetfighter form, should be interesting to say the least. the special should go to air in the next week or so. i was out doing some pr for him while waiting for the filming to go ahead. don't be surprised if he turns up on the show again in the near future. there was a few netrider members present among others on the sat at the shop and a pretty good day was had by all. ( the uncut dvd version should be really interesting).
  3. oooh awesome! I might've dropped by the shop if I'd known about that :)
  4. when is the bike show on ch31??
  5. Tuesday Nights 7.00pm CH31
  6. Also on Saturday 11:30am. There are meant to be more but I don't remember.
  7. also at weds 3.30pm/fri at 1.00am.
  8. Did anyone happen to tape this week's episode of 2 wheel torque which I believe was the episode in question cause no matter how I set my video it insisted on taping foxtel not channel 31! Grrrrr!!!!!!
  9. Great nite of tv, 2wheel at 1900 then Frasier at 1930 sweet
  10. So did you tape it?