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Mika - Big Girl you are beautiful

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Mental note . . .

    Don't whistle this song when entering and in a lift.
    Look around at who is in the lift with you !!

    I got a dirty look this morning when I got in the lift at work.
    It was playing on my Ipod in the car, so the tune stuck in my mind.

    . . . . like I didn't know the chic in the lift took offence to it !!
    (she wasn't even a big girl, well I didn't consider her as one)

    I like the song but !
  2. Have you seen the clip?
  3. Nah, not her, sadly.
  4. Simple test for this...

    Have you recently gouged your eyes out with the nearest blunt utensil... then wildly waved your coffee table around until you manage to smash the tv in. If yes, chance are you have seen the clip.

    If not. Try and avoid all forms of visual media for you own safety.
  5. LOL.

    but whyyyy? :grin:

    now i wanna see the clip lol
  6. Its hard for a blind man to type...
    but lets just say if you disagree with the title then steer clear!
    Because these babies got BACK up to their shoulders!

    I'm pretty sure filming the
    video clip caused an earthquake in India...

    Cashin in on the fat chick dollar... tsk tsk If only I had though of
    going so so low. I wouldn't be a poor blind man. Thats what. :)
  7. I have not seen the video clip !

    From what i've jsut read, I can see why I got a dirty look.

    And i'm so not touching this thread now.

  8. *yawn*

    Some of those chicks are HAWT ;)
  9. Micky, man up a bit. View the clip.
  10. Just saw it on Youtube.

    Yeah, some of those girls are hawt ! :grin:

    yup, Mika definitely is milking the big-chic market !
    brave , brave man ! - listen to the opening lyrics.
  11. It's just a danceable pop song. Don't get too carried away.
  12. Why? Are there back boobs?


  13. I heard from a friend that the song is actually about Transvestites.

    Never listened to it all, or seen the clip, so im not 100% on this.
  14. Shhh. Keep the backboobs a secret.
  15. what's Mika?
  16. It's the name of the artist.
  17. If you can call him that. I can't stand any of his songs really.
  18. Neither do I, but thats why there are others.
  19. Aaarrgghh! Backboobs! My world is breaking!