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Mighty Mods NEW CAR!! Less CC than a bike - but super fast!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Sep 8, 2008.

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    I don't think you can get better bang for your buck in car land.

    Well - I'll let you decide if you agree. We made a video about this little beast.

    And I know a lot of you have asked and YES we will try and get some bikes into the next episode!

    Turbo AND Supercharged - gotta love it!!

    Hope you enjoy. And remember - all of this in a 900cc engine.

  2. Best so far, good work guys :)
  3. start feeding it money lol.

    my 2c great as always but try to focus more on the technical aspect of what you are doing mods wise
  4. ^Yes. This was brilliant.


    Moog, as a performance modification enthusiast; does it make you weep that your "Installing a blow-off valve" vid has twice as many views as any of the others?
  5. +1 I thought it was great - but I would have preferred to watch a 30 minute version that went into heaps of detail!!! :grin:
  6. +1, interesting enough to go for longer :)
  7. Great work guys!
  8. But WHY would you spend that much money on that, it just seems like a pointless exercise that has no chance of being sold for a profit :?.
  9. Different generation, but surely you hooned around in cars for a while when you were young? :p I of course infer the meaning of 'hoon' fairly liberally, given the performance of 60s cars? :LOL: :p :grin: :twisted:

  10. They asked Sir Edmund Hillary the same sort of question.

    "because it's there"
    (dunno if Hillary said it but I think the quote is apt) :wink:
  11. fkn sweet!
    top job guys :grin:
  12. Cool vid, but expected (and wouldve liked) a lot more time of the car 'after-the-fix'. Kinda see what it can do after you fix it.
    I reckon Ill watch some others tonight!
  13. I'm not sure how much money you think we've spent.
    Total cost on parts so far I could fairly say would cost less than dinner out for 2 at a nice restaurant.

    And while Marty doesn't want to mention how much he bought the car for, we did say about a third of the cost of a 180SX and they go for around $10,000 these days.

    And lastly, believe it or not, every single Mighty Mods car we have ever sold we've got all our money back and some profit. Most of the time the car is bought by someone who watches the show and wants a piece of 'Mighty Mods' history.

    Either way, it's a very fun little car and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
  14. The last part of the video was going to be the Super Turbo dragging some other cars for the MM garage but we were getting flooded with messages asking when our next ep would be up, so we made it a little vid just about the car, and next episode we're going to see what it can really do...

    Namely chopping some of our much more expensive and new cars!
  15. Interesting car - HKS released a twincharger kit for the MR2 Mk1 many, many moons ago, though sadly the MR2 community doesn't know much about the specifics of How It Works.

    Interesting that the March Super Turbo totally bypasses the SC? (Though I think some of the twincharged rally cars do that too...)

    A few of the DIY MR2 twincharging efforts feed the turbo boost into the roots-type SC rather than bypassing, since the supercharger for the most part doesn't mind pumping higher-than-ambient pressure air.
  16. You guys are funny fsckers.
  17. it's got an interesting intake plumbing arrangment, when bypassing the supercharger it actually closes a valve that halves the length of the intake tract and cuts off the piping to and from the supercharger so instead of the air travelling a meter around the engine bay its only going 30cms or so before hitting the intercooler

    that will all change when its got a big front mount on it :D
  18. Holy fark, are you guys even speaking english??? :LOL: :LOL:

    IM an engine noob and i know it...


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  20. Thats an awesome ad. Who wouldn't buy a car with the Top Gun theme on the ad?