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Mighty generous

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Billsy, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Just been down 2 QLD Transport and they reckon my L`s last for 5 years....bliss

  2. Nah, QLDers just drive like learners for 5 years... :LOL:
  3. hey, ease up on us queenslanders.
    were not that bad
  4. ummmm y would u wanna be on your L's for 5 years?
  5. Thats what I was wondering..
  6. 3 months was quite long enough
  7. Oh yes you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................... :rofl:
  8. they aint as bad as them mexicans down south of the border :LOL:
  9. gee jeff - u like to stick into us on every thread or somethin??????????

    we aren't that bad - we're the BEST :LOL:
  10. Ahh I see the error, when you completed the forms you ticked the box "I used to live in NSW"
  11. Ls for 5 years would be good from the point of view that if you didn't have enough money to get a bike for whatever reason, or if it gets smashed and needs to be repaired etc, you don't need to do prelearners again.
  12. yeah but you still have the option of hiring a bike to do the p's test, could you see yourself being stuck with restrictions for 5 years if it takes that long to work your way up the licensing system maybe you shouldn't be riding, but i guess with bikes theres always the unknown of what might happen nsw L's period is a bit short though in that u must have done the p's test within 6 months of getting your L's
  13. Not sure about other states but I grew up in NSW, those older may recall that lots of us rode with L's for many years just kept renewing them as we couldn't be bothered. I rode and raced enduro's plus on road for maybe 6yrs before I decided to go get my licence.

    But then we could ride anything while on L's back then.
  14. hey billsy just got what you are on about... why did you start a new thread for this?
  15. The only good thing about NSW is that it keeps Victoria further away :p
  16. well, it gives me the xtra time to get a bike n practice....and why i started a new post???...blame the pain killers...i can`t think straight (plus i`m an x NSWelshman) :wink:
  17. lol funny how this has turn into a state verse state thread nothing wrong with NSW, we not be here if capt cook didnt like the place :LOL:
  18. Well thats gotta be a good thing for all concerned bc Qlders are tosers. :LOL: :bolt:
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but.....
    don't Learner riders in QLD have to be accompanied by another licensed rider?
    5 years is along time to be riding around with someone beside you all the time, and makes it a right PITA on ya mates when you ask them to come with you all the time, and if they can't your stuck not riding.
  20. yeah, that`s right caz, but what a ridiculous law...i mean, is it more dangerous to ride on your own in QLD??? think i`ll stick to the majority law and take the risks