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Mighty Car Mods - New Zealand Episode

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. I found this interesting as I didn't know that New Zealand had fcuk all laws regarding Imports and insurances

    And for those that dont know about these 2 blokes, @moog (fella with hairy pubes over his face) is a rider and member of these boards

    Great episode though

  2. time to jump the ditch?
  3. Try finding a copy of "The Dog and Lemon Guide", and have a look at the differences in used prices for Japanese cars between NZ and Oz. Somewhat depressing to realise that stuff that's still selling for 15-20k here can be picked up for just a couple of grand in NZ.

    Of course the lack of public liability BS is also the reason why tourism is so popular (jet boats, bungy jumping etc).

    We could learn a lot from NZ, which is even more depressing.
  4. amazing when something works you don't fix it, seems our gov is constantly fixing things
  5. Public liability comes at a cost though. Try explaining to some people cough @grue cough that they are going to be coughing up more money to fix people that injured themselves doing something high risk.

    But yes, it's why many of the grey imports in Aus come through kiwiland.
  6. More like our Government is constantly legislating things - which certainly isn't the same as fixing them ;)
  7. I was thinking to go over on my bike, but its probably cheaper to buy another there and do all the same mods than transport the bike over and back lol...

    I should move over there and FIFO... its an option lol. So is Bali or Thailand though...
  8. As noted before, this is one of the many reasons I'm against the government being a provider of health care.
  9. I do understand mate, comes down to the battle of two evils. One is ban everything that looks like fun, the other is make people pay. NZ chose one, Aus chose the other.
  10. Cheap imports, cheap FN FAL's, and nearly no Kiwis left there. Tempting.
  11. Considdered bringing my car over from NZ when i moved here but decided against it. Sold it for $3k. Found identical cars over here selling for $10k.

  12. Haven't watched Mighty Mods in ages. Cheers
  13. Certainly a good option if you don't mind 100-150cc bikes, since they're ridiculously cheap to buy over there (only around $1,500 brand new).

    I was actually looking at a FIFO job in Thailand only the other day, and there's certainly some appeal to the idea of being able to pick up a small, cheap dirtbike to use on the many, many unsealed roads through the jungle (roads are cheap to build, and help local politicians win elections).
  14. Didn't moog mention that we can't import cars from nz?
  15. NZ still has lots of compensation for accident victims, i cant remember the name of the scheme but pretty much if your hurt yourself you will be supported by the govt if it means you cant earn money to support yourself while your injured.

    Hmm i have bi citizenship...maybe one day ill return to the motherland.

    as for moog riding, what a boss, anyone know what he rides? i have seen him post on here occasionally a while back, but not seen him round, i guess they must be busy what with being the most watched carshow on youtube, pretty fcuking good effort for a couple of aussies with a handycam.


    But yeah, medicare is the scourge of this nation, its all just a scam, give people free healthcare etc to get elected and loved by the masses, then just limit everything, tax the hell out of anything remotely dangerous and pretty much wrap the whole country in bubble wrap to lower costs for the government.

    it should be opt in at least, or run like centerlink, only for the very needy. I have private cover for everything, why the fcuk do i have to fill the coffers when i want a beer or a dart, why should i be fined for not wearing a helmet or a seatbelt, my life, my deathwish. If you want to rely on the government to nanny you and provide your income and healthcare then sure, your life should be limited to what the government approves, just as if you rely on your parents to provide everything, they will limit your freedoms to keep you safe. If your an adult, who pays his/her own way, then they should fcuk off and leave you alone.

    Hopefully one day, australians will realise that medicare is all a scam to get people to accept a constant limiting of their freedoms and stand up for themselves and reject that shit. you could hardly call our health system good anyway, so what are we even getting in return.
  16. You realise that it's NZ that allows bungee jumping and the rest of the cool stuff? They're the ones with the completely socialised healthcare and injury cover? I'm surprised it's lasted, I cannot see it being profitable.

    One of the roles of organised goverment is to protect the society they were elected to govern. You could argue the sole purpose of government is for this, but that would involve a wider definition of protect. The most effective method of protection is through limiting. Trying to do it by other means just becomes a huge resource and money drain. It's not pretty and people may not like it - the fact remains though.