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Might buy a SUZUKI RGV250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Bike 1990 SUZUKI RGV250 L ROAD
    Price $2,900*
    Kilometres 53,000
    Body CYCLE
    Colour WHITE & RED
    Transmission 6 speed M
    Engine 2 cylinder Standard ( 249 cc)
    Rego ***** (Exp: 9 2006)
    Brief Comments excellent 1st or 2nd bike very quick powerband good condition mechanicaly A1 excellent brakes
    Long Comments Bike runs very well and the powerband really kicks in when you wan't it to.
    Brakes are A1 easy to stop.
    This bike has been a great learners bike for myself you can a bit of fun and it is also a perfect weight and height for any person to ride.
    The only thing the Bike requires is a new rear tyre and a kick start leaver that can be picked up from a wreckers for under $60 Bike has no problem clutch starting without it.
    The Bike also has a few scratches on farings but nothing major.

    Thing is how much for a new tyre and kick start? , i know i can easily get pro-shine and make the bike look brand new , hence how the old bikes look so good when you go to buy them

  2. 53,000 k's is a lot for an RGV unless it has had a total top-end rebuild, and even then it could soon be due for another one. Thse are highly stressed motors, it is not unusual that they need the top-end rebuilt at 25,000 k's. They are also very expensive to rebuild. I raced them for three years, 91' to 93', and have a reasonable knowlege of them. They are not a bike that ages well.
  3. thanks heaps much needed info
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  5. Although it's done quite a few km's, the bike actually looks like it's in reasonable condition (bikesales.com). At that milage, I would expect it to have had several engine rebuilds.

    That's about the going price for these bikes at that old, but unfortunately with strokers the more you initially spend the better the bike will be, and even then the engines can let go with little warning.

    It seems that the slightly later models (with 'banana' swingarm) command a higher price, unwarranted IMO.
  6. Well bike i wanted gpx250 i cant seem to find anywere even if i look at bikesales blah blah they dont get back to me or there sold i tried sitting on hyosungs and aprillas but there much to big and i sat on a gpx and it was relli good
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  8. If a GPX works for you, have you looked at the ZZR?
    They are prety damn similar
  9. You wouldn't say that if you had raced both. The 'straight' swingarm model had a nasty tendency to weave under 'race braking' ie all the front and bugger all rear. If you left it too late to react you could end up in a nice 'tankslapper'. The 90/91 bendy swingarm sorted that out.