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might be moving to sydney :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. it's starting to look like sydney is the place to go for computer jobs. i got some positive feedback from a job agency up there, so i might be heading up for an interview.

    i'd love to hear any advice/tips that people have :)

    i hear it's rather expensive to live there..
  2. gluck androo, when your set to come to sydney post up for advice on which areas north/south/east west and the suburbs your interested in....

    we'll give you feedback on what to expect from which suburbs, whether transport is easy there, how much your looking at etc.

    it can be daunting coming to sydney so you wanna make an informed decision :)
  3. Need any help, mate, just holler.
    For what it's worth, Sydney IS an expensive place in which to live, but depending on the lcoation or mobility factors in your job, you may be able to live on the central coast or even on the south coast, and save a heap of money, even allowing for commuting costs.
  4. What type of IT jobs?

    Pay is more in Sydney than Melbourne, but cost of living is higher.

    As to where you want to live, what do you do for kicks? What type of suburb (style, i.e. restaurants etc) do you prefer
  5. You want advice? Stay in Melbourne. It is a far more liveable city than Sydney; Sydney was quite nice when its population was about 2 million - now it is over twice that number while the infrastructure is basically the same. Prices are extraorbitant, public transport sucks and if you chose to avoid public transport, roads and traffic on them sucks as well. The city is running out of water and soon will probably start running out of electricity too. One thing we're not short of however is planes, buzzing over the city night and day... nothing quite like being woken up every 6am by a 747 buzzing overhead.

    F***k, I wish I could move to Melbourne!
  6. Maybe you could organise a house swap ???
  7. Best bet for IT jobs these days is Canberra.
    Good money, and WAY cheaper to live than Sydney (IMHO :) )
  8. Only if you want to work for the government. (Which has it's good points & bad).
  9. Is it though? I've heard the rents in Canberra are just as bad as Sydney. It would certainly be a lot quieter... and colder too if you're into that sort of thing :)
  10. i'm looking at a range of graduate engineering jobs (hardware, software, comms), most are CBD but i'm not sure where exactly. they do seem to pay a bit higher then what i've seen in melbourne, so that helps.

    as for where do i want to live - i have no idea. i've always lived out in the south-east of melb but spent a lot of time in the city for uni/work. i want to live as close to work as possible so it would be something small and cheap to fit me in
  11. depends if you're offering to set me up with a job :)
  12. :shock: :shock:

    dont know what to say to that! maybe i'll reconsider :)
  13. Only thing to watch for in Canberra is the nice cold weather and the god damn round-abouts!!! :shock:

    OMG they really wanted to make that city as cemetricle as they could didn't they :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. What others have said about Sydney being pricey is true. If you are looking at working in the CBD and don't want to be reamed on rent, probably best looking at the Hills district near the M2 for rental properties. The M2 on a bike would be plenty quick, and you can ride to a locan train station up that way and train it in too.
    The way to avoid Sydney being expensive is to shop selectively,ie, avoid retail in expensive suburbs.
    There are plenty of good dining out areas around Sydney, so that's not really a factor.
    I'd never live in Sydney again. Way too overcrowded, everyone has a chip on their shoulders, and one breakdown stops peak hour traffic in all directions. The traffic is probably what I hated the most, there are even peak hours on weekends!
    The last few years I was there I used to look forward to christmas, because the population dropped to a more realistic level.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. lol this isnt sounding very positive

    i think i better go visit before i decide to move...
  16. I don't agree with any of what I have read about Sydney....

    I lived in Melb for 2.5 years and have now been in Sydney for 1 year...in both I have rented a 2 bedroom apartment.

    The aprtment in Sydney is alot nicer and marginally cheaper, wages are better and climate and local beaches are much nicer.

    So, come and see for yourself as everyone has a different take on both cities.
  17. Yeah, and we got LAMS :p
  18. Sydney is not expensive to live ,maybe if you want to buy a house ,but everything in general is about the same.
    Try it for 6 months .

    You just got to know where to look for good place to live ,you can get a place 15 minutes from the city by bike ,for $120 -$150 a week sharing it will cost maybe $4000 in rent ,but you will earn more .
    My girl works in a office ,and the girl in melbounre with the same time with the company same job ,my girl gets $10,000 more.
    The houses to buy in sydney are $$$$$ and rego and insurance ect ,might be more, things like that ,but every day stuff for 6 months ,you would not really notice the difference.
    A schooner {large beer} in the pub is $3.70 .. $260 at the RSL.
    Whats it cost down their ,this is the most important costs . :LOL:

    Your young live it up .
  19. yep all good up here....the only thing I have to knock is the rats, bats n roaches :?

    actually its just the roaches, bats are cool I think and I've hardly ever seen a rat, unless I'm walking through Hyde park at night.

    Down in Melb it was bloody ants!
  20. Androo man, we gotta hook up B4 u go, maybe go to
    friday coffee night one time.

    We're less than a 1km from each other.