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Midrange Bikes for carrying pillions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jomac, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Have started riding this year and passed my sub 250 class only a few months ago. Learned on the Aquilla because right from the start have wanted to cart my teenagers who weight about as much as me on round trips (under a few hundred kms) but usually use it to commute to work and back.

    Looking at upgrading in the next year and am interested in opinions about bikes for carting pilions that are easy to ride. I am not looking for any more speed than I need to be safe and to cruise on 110 zones.

    I really liked the idea of getting a Triumph Speed Triple (looks light and fun) but husband keeps pointing at pillions seat and saying "what about the girls?"
    He's pushing towards Bonneville or Speedmaster.
    Anyway would love to hear any ideas.
  2. dont count out the hornet 900 fantastic bike and half the price to service than the others....it will do all you mention and more....and at around $11,990 on road you cant go wrong on value for money....such linier power progression and just a great fun bike.. :LOL:
  3. A second hand Suzuki GSX750F, or the new GSX650F might be worth a look.
  4. Hornet 900 GSX750F

    Reading the reviews the sports tourers sound like they could fit the bill as far as power and fun go. Like the weight specs of Hornet. Quite like the looks of the riding position also.

    However was concerned with the way the pillion sits up so high and so far back epecially when they are as large as the rider, thought that this would have a big impact.

    Do they have optional back rests - know how much more comfortable it is as a passenger when there is.
  5. A ZZR 600 will easilly carry two (110hp) and has a reasonably comfortable position for the pillion.

    You can use some gear racks as backrests, but they've got to to be strong. I've got a GearSack rack on my bike that's more than strong enough to be used as a backrest. It's got eight mounting points; four each side.
  6. ^ +1 zzr600. went pillion on that and was pretty comfortable seat. the only thing i found was that there wasnt enough legroom for me and i was getting sore legs....however ive never pillioned on anything else so i cant compare.

    Plus your average pillion isn't 6'2 like me :p

    Comfy seat, plenty of protection, had plenty of go for everything but uphill in the twisties with 2 blokes on it
  7. cruisers, sports, tourers and standards

    Thanks for your responses, it has got me thinking in a different direction.
    Only thing I've really ridden is the 250 cruiser styled aquilla. The Aquilla is slow and turns a little wider compared to the cbr but quite stable when carrying my girls. (used CBR on a few lessons - never pillioned on it)

    Which leads me to the question is it easier to cart passengers on a cruiser or a tour-sports bike?

    And while I'm showing my ignorance - while I've read about standard bikes - what are some examples of them - the commpanies list sports, cruisers and dirt.

    PS if my girls grow to 6'2 they'll be making their own way to netball!
  8. I'd have to say for comfort, the cruiser would have to be the most comfy for pillions yes? (I haven't actually been pillioned on one, but I'm assuming - I mean half of them have pillion backrests so that has to tell you something).

    As for actual ease of pillioning? Well their weight would be lower down than on a sports tourer.. But IMO the better handling and suspension would make the sports/tourer easier..

    Cruiser riders correct me if I'm wrong :)
  9. there is no doubt that a cruiser would be the best bet if it comes down to pillion comfort but there are many tourers out there which would be a very close second...i also rode a aquila 250 on my L's not a bad bike If i was you i would look at some sports tourers like the bandit and some hight powered cruisers. if you are caring pillions a lot of the time you will need something with a bit of power
  10. I'm another one for the ZZR-600. I have had mine for few months and carried a wide range of pillions and had no trouble at all. It comes with a grab rail standard and you can also get a rack for it as a back rest, but the 600 only has 2 mounting points either side - still quite secure though.
    Has enough power, especially coming off a 250, like just i did.
    If the pillion is not a complete gumby that shifts their weight around mid corner, than you will hardly notice them at all.
    Good luck with your searching...