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Midnight musings: Seems like a little pointless to me.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. On the ride home tonight, I noticed a new Ad on the billboard on top of the topless bar at the Kew Junction. They now have an Ad for Yarra Trams up there, the whole 40 parking spaces thing that seems to be happening at the moment.

    What struck me was its on a huge billboard with decent visibility from 4 of the 5 roads that enter the Junction, yet they only used 1/5 of the board so you can hardly see what its all about. Also it is overlooking a tram line which numerous trams and their advertising space pass.

    Now I would have thought it would be better money spent throwing a few ads on their own trams than paying for a billboard you can't read. Then again aren't the Trams a good enough advertisement on thier own without having to throw up Ads to sell their service. But perhaps I've got it all wrong.
  2. You should watch the road as you ride!!!
  3. The lights always turn to red as I approach the intersection on the way home, and I've got to wait for 4 other directions to get thier extended turn of passing through the Junction before I can continue my journey. I know the light sequence like the back of my hand and got plenty of time to drag some semi useful thought out of my brain.
  4. It's anazing how much money some people spend on adverts that are badly placed, or badly targetted. Sydney train carriages have adverts INSIDE for how good the trains are; talk about preaching to the converted!
    At least you've GOT trams down here, mate, don't get me started on the uselessness of Sydney's public transport network...
  5. Done a right turn in the city centre yet Paul?

    I hope it doesn't rain while you are down here......

  6. nil, I have ridden round the block once to AVOID doing a right turn!!! :LOL:
    And it was raining the night I rode in (ah, tram tracks....) but Melbourne weather has been on its sparkling best behaviour for the rest of the time, and looks great for the ride up into the Warburton Hills today (starting 10:00am at the Warby Pie Shop, if you're interested!!)
  7. BASTARD!!!!! :evil:
  8. Re: Midnight musings: Seems like a little pointless to me...

    You've got it all wrong.

    There's a very good reason for this: If they don't waste heaps of money on advertising and cute uniforms and badges for their metcops, they'll post profits in the billions of dollars at the end of the financial year, and everyone will see very plainly that they're being raped for the cost of their tram tickets. People would realise that an all-day ticket is actually only worth about half what you pay, and there'd be rioting in the streets (and subways!)

    In a similar line of thought: Has anyone seen the ad that goes "Attention Fare Evaders: If you haven't paid for your trip, somebody else has. Why don't you offer to mow their lawn"? I love this. Why not just say "Attention People who bought tickets: You've paid double what you should have!"

    I hate the Met, incase you didn't guess... :)
  9. looking at it on the way to work they have actually taken both sides of the V position billboards giving them a 270 degree advertising arc.

    One side is filled with exhausts, the small billboard in the middle says "30000 of these or....." , the other side had a small pricture of a tram.

    So they are wasting even more money than I suspected. With a spot that prominent and using 2.2 billboards they would have to be paying hand over fist for it.

    Usually you have, major movie releases on there or the occasional product launch...new stuff then needs to get out there.....I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed the trams by now.