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Midlife crisis

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Knawful, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Think I'm having (another) one.
    ..Sans quitting my job and wooing a buxom 20 yr old stripper called Destiny.*

    ..But I digress...

    G'day guy's/girl's,
    been lurking for a while gleaning as much as I can, so I thought I'd better introduce meself.
    FWIW, I've never owned a road bike before, only (REC) rego's dirtbikes.
    After a 10 year hiatus from 2-wheels I just bought myself an MT-07, doing my learners test next weekend to make it all legal like.
    Looking forward to maybe contributing (even if it's drivel).
    I'm also going to try and get up to Melb. (4-hr ride for me) in the new year to do some of these learner rides I've been reading about.


    *[disclaimer: Drivel]
  2. Welcome Tom, Good luck with the learners test.
  3. Midlife crisis? I waited until I was 60! But welcome............
  4. Another MT-07... drool :greedy:
    You're gonna love it.

    I want one!
  5. welcome tom :]
  6. it's never too late to have another MLC :D
  7. Welcome Tom, we never get tired of drivel around here. Looking forward to a bit more of yours. Knawful. Yeah, that's good.
  8. Welcome Tom.
    I'm still waiting for mid life before having a crisis (I want to live past 130 :) )
  9. Welcome to NR...
  10. Cheer's for the welcome.

    Mrs is calling it that, I call it buying some toys.
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