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Middle of rear tyre split

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jse81, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Was going over Mt Mee having a nice ride then Tyre let go. 6 inch split right up the middle no evidence of puncture.

    Picture attached.



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  2. Sheesh, never seen that b4. Any ideas, folks?
  3. could be a fault in the tyre. How old is it?
  4. It's weird. 3000km. It's at Morgan and Wacker now. They'll chase it up on my behalf with Pirelli if they deem it faulty
  5. I tend to agree with ibastibast it looks like a manufacturing fault. Maybe a radial belt gave way? Keep us posted on what your supplier says.
  6. I'm no expert but it looks like a manufacturing fault to me.
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  7. Holy shit That's a worry
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  8. My money is on a box cutter, maybe pre delivery(?), if the tires come wrapped ( and took some time to open up). Or powered on over a sharp object in road but did not pick it up. Either way, might be worthwhile to have a very close look at front to see if any hairline slices/damage to it.
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  9. The only thing I have seen to cause that sort of nasty damage would be an ex girlfriend.
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  10. Tyres don't come wrapped.
  11. road detritus is my bet.
  12. My money's on a manufacturing fault, I've not seen anything like that caused by road debris, or even on a race track..
  13. Very strange, be interesting to see if you get any definitive feedback
  14. Continental had a recall earlier this year for a defect that could result in sudden loss of pressure, but they were all front tyre sizes I think.
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  15. I would be surprised if tires were not wrapped by the manufacturer. Tires last longer if wrapped - there is a even a whole industry out there manufacturing tyre wrapping machines for tyre manufacturers.
    My suspicions were that wrapping was probably taken off by wholesaler before delivery to retailer/dealer.

    If they are not wrapped ( all or specific brands?) from the manufacturer - then thanks for the info. as I will be closely checking manufacture date (if any). However, following link does shows Dunlop wrap their tyres.

    OfferUp - Dunlop motorcycle tire ( Motorcycles ) in Hesperia, CA
  16. I could be wrong, but the I never saw any wrapped at the goodyear warehouse, pirelli or the el-cheapo brand in silverwater. I never saw any tyre deliveries while I was there.
  17. I suspect a lot of unknowns here each way. Were you working in a distributer's/retailers warehouse or an importer's warehouse? Pity you did not see any deliveries, if you had seen the tyres arrive loose in the back of a truck then it would not have been an importer..

    I suspect it really just comes down to who is importing the tyres and in what volumes. Some may be wrapped some may not. There are strict bio security regulations for importing tyres into Australia. If they come in a sealed container then they do not need to be wrapped. If they come on pallets or any form of open container then they should be wrapped - else every single tyre may need inspection.

    Irrespective, when I get new motorcycle tyres fitted I will ask to see them first and look very carefully for any lateral or perpendicular hairline cuts/nicks.. I had not thought about it before. Those marks looked exactly like what would happen if some ham-fisted person with a box cutter removed wrapping or any strapping holding tyres together. (I also do low kms, so would be checking manufacture date if I a buying something expensive - would not want to be putting a tire on that is already 3 years old!).
  18. Hello all,

    Cheers for the replies.

    The mechanic at Morgan and Wacker was confident it was not a manufacturing fault and that the tyre had been damaged by something or someone.

    Just scary to think if it was someone doing that to my bike, I could have been killed.

    Haha, ex-gf, more like current girlfriend, she hates the damn thing.
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