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"Middle Eastern Appearance"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Is it just me, or is this term being more and more frequently associated with violent assaults in Sydney? :?

  2. Maybe yes
    Maybe no
    more like it's more newsworthy hence it is "reported."
  3. You watching 10 news too? :)

    There are probably just as many assults as there ever were but I think it's just because of the riots, it's the "big news" topic for a few months and then eventually it'll die down.
  4. mate i am sure there are alot of people who agree. But do you think this is a good place to bring it up?? These subjects can be very touchy, so be very careful..
  5. yeah but in the past week there have been 4 or 5 serious assaults which include this term...

    so you saying its the norm, but because of the riots they are reporting it more? thats a scary thought!

    IMO its a pretty obvious select age group, ie 17-22 (I would have said gender as well until last week), thats causing the problems....so whats being done about it?

    and yes it can be a touchy subject, but its pretty hard to dispute whats right in front of your eyes, everyday.
  6. Believe what you want Kurtis :roll:
  7. The problem is..where IS a good place to bring it up? If society finally says enough of your behaviour, abide by our laws. Where do you bring that up so as not to offend?
    Why should it be that certain minority groups can do anything they like, but when called on it, they play the racist card?

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Until a few years ago, NSW Police were not permitted to identify the ethnicity of an alleged offender, but were forced to by the obvious shortcomings of omitting such details. Obviously if an accurate description can aid a fast arrest, then it should be employed.

    I do concede Clive's point, however, that it was probably unnecesary to mention the ethnicity of the two 14 year old girls who murdered the taxi driver, AFTER they had been arrested......

    Before we had MEYs involved in assaults, it was someone else, and, before WWII and the great immigration boom, in the 30s the Razor Gangs were carving each other up, and they were of caucasian appearance!!!
  9. well frankly, if I was of "middle eastern appearance" I'd be embarrased, just like if it was groups of young NZ males out there bashing, robbing and stabbing people I'd be embarrased too...

    This country seems pretty soft on crime to me.
  10. Can't say that Kurt, we have more people in prison per capita of population than we have ever had, and more prisons being built......
  11. Oh so they are just the flavour of the month/year/decade then? :roll:

    They need to crackdown on this crap
  12. Well they rolled out the statistics the other night, burglaries are down 50% but violent assaults are up 105%....I think I'd rather be burgaled than violently assaulted and fighting for my life.
  13. But it's teh generation of me and now! I want it, I take it. Don't have it I take it. I am owed everything. Society hates me because I don't want to work and expect everything!
    And above all else, I know I can get a slap on the wrists teh first half dozen times I offend.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. fine, mods delete this thread then...obviously its too hot for "public discussion"
  15. Whats your solution then?? I spend alot of time thinking about this and for me there is just no good answer...

    Obviously a talking to and small fine doesnt do jack...

    Prisons (Waste tax payers money on crims and when people get out theyre usually twice as twisted)

    Capital Punishment( whos gonna pull the trigger/flick the switch?)

    The only thing i know for sure is that i should be able to defend myself, friends and family from attack without being charged myself while they walk away...
  16. it's not hot for public discussion, it's pointless.
    You had an agenda when you posted and it has backfired.
    The media is all about flavour of the month reporting and you are the perfect demographic.
  17. ever heard the saying "assumptions are the mother of all fcuk ups"?

    you know nothing about me, nor what my agendas are....but what I suspected has already been confirmed.

    as I said, fine mods delete it.
  18. Well what was the purpose of the post then?
    Enlighten us.
  19. I don't have the solution. I am now taking steps to protect myself as much as I can though...

    As it appears to be specific people maybe getting in their heads and finding out "why" is the way to go? Unforunately I think the answer to that would be "because we know we can get away with it"

    I can see it escalating again though...people will only take so much and sooner or later they're going to assault the wrong person. ie a person who is prepared to take the law into their own hands.
  20. MATE I'm middle eastern appearance & I'm not EMBARRASED
    about anything because i haven't done anything wrong.
    so before you go and shoot ya mouth of think of what ya
    I came to this country when i was 6 months old,
    this is my home ,i plan on staying here for the rest of my
    My kids call this country home aswell.
    Crimes & bashings happen every day, by all groups,wogs,asains
    aussies & who knows who else.
    So dont go pointing the finger at middle eastern people & say
    your to blame.
    And if someone is bashed, bash the person or persons responsible,
    not some innicent person because he or she looks the same.