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Middle aged wild hogs beware!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peanuts, May 25, 2008.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,23752572-662,00.html

    OK, all of us "middle aged" wild hogs had better beware. We are about to be blitzed according to the article above. Doesn't this smack of age discrimination? Mind you, I have always refused to class myself as middle aged. I am quite happy to be considered ancient and eccentric; middle age smacks of boring.

    What a shame they didn't come on our netrider ride to Daylesford last week. They would have been in their element with "middle aged wild hogs" coming out their ears. Just reading this article makes me feel like jumping on my scooter and hooning down Footscray Rd at 140. :moped:
  2. Very interesting story that. I certainly won't be going out between 4 and 7pm today I can tell you. There's a similar phenomenon in the UK: they call them "born again" riders.
  3. I want to know how they can tell how old a rider is unless they can actually see their face. I would hope that people seeing me riding would not immediately know I am an arthritic old nearly grandmother. (now when they see my face, that's another matter! :LOL: )
  4. Most victims are aged between 30 - 59 years? That sounds like a narrow bracket to me. :roll:

    Why not just say the average victim is aged between 0 and 90 years old, was alive prior to their death and was riding on or near a road which could have been in or near a town at some stage during the day or night. :roll:
  5. Best still, they nail the entire contribitions for said incidents is speed. :roll:
  6. Erm, when did 30 become "Middle aged"?
  7. it's more to do with these older people that haven't riden for awhile that hope back onto bikes after 10 or so years of not riding a bike that are having all these crashes, not saying that all older riders are bad. When i was doing my Q-ride yesterday i asked the guy about these new laws and he told me what i says before. So yeah i reckon if you haven't riden a bike for a few years you should go back and do a refresher course, they aren't going to take your licence away you've got it but a refresher course would be nice.
  8. Hmmm. So now I'm going to be blitzed because I ride a bike, have testicles, and I'm middle aged? Looks like the testicles are going to have to go then.
  9. Wouldn't work - you couldn't go fast enough without them :)
  10. I'm drinking more then, alcohol is normally not a factor :grin:
  11. Can't be me they're talking about. I'm too old to be middle aged.

    Mind you I don't feel old. But if I describe myself as middle aged I feel like I am breaking all the laws relating to truth in advertising.
  12. What a pile of shite and a waste of resources. I'm sure that a lot of so called 'middle aged' men rushed out and bought bikes after seeing that poor excuse for a movie Wildhogs.
    Instead of discriminating against the inexperienced, why not offer free advanced rider training. I'm sure that this would be cheaper than the cost of deaths on our roads due to 'inexperience'. While you're at it, how about fixing up some of the piece of shit roads that contribute to accidents. Never hear them mention that in the statistics.
  13. Logically makes sense - social club/solo on a sunday ride, riding all day, heading home at the end of the day, weary, making simple mistakes, stacks and kicks the bucket... now let's see the distributed statistics.
  14. Whoops! (my sig) :oops:

    Well, I was away from biking for only 3 years ...
  15. i'd rather be a wild hog than a black widow (any which way but loose) :p
    up until recently i had'nt riden for ten years and im far more concerned about the skills of most drivers than i am of my own riding skills.
  16. I thought Wild Hogs was a moderately funny movie until the comparisons started.
    Now I wish there was some way I could have every copy of it burnt.
  17. Ha!

    Are you old farts having foggy memories of what it was like to be an under 25 male again? You've got everything, the bike, the rebellous attitude and now the coppers picking on you!

    How very nostaligic! :p
  18. what?? since when was 30 middle age.

    no no no this is too soon for denial :( ..... not fair. I still got a good 5 years in me. :?

    nahhh :grin: but seriously that article is a joke. Only if they could use their amazingly wild imaginations to understand that there was a good reason why I was speeding.... juusssst above the limit.
  19. Great work!

    The stories I could tell you about being pulled over by coppers in some little country town [Benalla, always Benalla] for no other reason than we were doing doughnuts in the main street. sheesh no sense of humour. :LOL:
  20. I resemble this remark... but hopefully the fact that I have a full-face helmet and sunnies and am not on a hog counts in my favour. But older (44) dude coming back into riding after 15 years on a big powerful bike... yeppers. I did get there slowly via a 250 and 400 to build my skills back up again, though, and I'm glad I did.