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Middle aged n00b sez hai

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by vormamim, May 29, 2014.

  1. Already found some great ideas and advice in here. Figured I say hai from the Central Coast. Just got Ls with wife and a friend and looking forward to weekend rides.

  2. is your wife hot?
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  3. Welcome - you're only as old as the wheels you ride - enjoy and take it easy for the first 3 months mate!
  4. Welcome. Where are our other two members?
  5. Welcome along. You and the missus will be up and down the Old Road pretty soon then?
  6. Another coastie on here. Good stuff. Welcome to the forummm.
  7. Welcome to Nutrider!
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. Laid out the cash for a Honda 500x today at Action in Parramatta. In and out in under 30 mins. Too easy and highly recommended.
  9. Will definitely be doing that!
  10. welcome to the nuthouse :]
  11. what sort of 50 year old uses numerals for vowels and sez hai??

    Welcome, newayz...
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  12. I was thinking the same thing, but, what the hey, welcome along!
  13. Welcome. Don't worry about Uncle Greg, he's really not that fussy.
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  14. Welcome to netrider.
  15. I speed read that as "he's really not that funny", and thought, "That's a bit harsh, might be true, but harsh."

    Then I read it again, properly this time, and thought, "Silly me, he nailed it!" LOL

    To the OP, welcome to the asylum.

  16. im not trying to be funny
  17. Prolly one like me with teenage peeps in da house.