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Mid week trip - West Gippsland & Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Garido, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Mid week trip - West Gippsland & Reefton Spur - 03/04

    Hi all,

    Organising a trip for Tuesday, 03 April, from Cranbourne to Korrumburra, up to Warrigal and on to Noojee. Then on to Warburton, Reefton, Marysville and back through the Black Spur to Healesville (refer: http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?msid=208765219820990332531.0004bb8107f1d387721c6&msa=0).

    Meeting point: McDonalds in Hampton Park on South Gippie Highway (left side going towards Cranbourne).
    Meeting time: 9.15 am

    Have 3 weeks leave coming up (=D>) and will be doing a few trips during that time, mainly Tuesdays I think. Anyone able to take some time off work and want to join me?

  2. yay! i was looking for someone to do midweek rides with.. another rider i usually go with recently got a different job, so is busy..

    i'm free on tuesdays.. looking forward to it..
  3. Great Blackadder! I will put some more details on here closer to the day. Will send you a PM at the time.

    By the way, nice drawing in the avatar. Did you do that yourself?
  4. Midweek is good!! I can't make the 3rd, but I'm a possibilty for the 10th and 17th,

  5. Looks like a great ride! I will probably be able to make it on Tuesday. :p
  6. Great mate. Will be a hoot!
  7. Never mind Ned. I'll be back on the road both days. Any preferred destinations? Was thinking about a trip around the Mornington Peninsula for one of those dates.
  8. Sure, MP sounds great, I haven't been near there in ages!

    How about this, http://g.co/maps/eg89b one of my favourites, for another day? What part of town are you from?

  9. Hey Ned,

    I'm from Croydon. Where abouts in the Macedon Ranges do you live?

    Done the trip to Jamieson a few times and totally agree, it's a great road! Always happy to do that one again!

  10. Forecast is for a clearing shower in the morning. I will definitely be going and hope to see you all at 9.15 am at the McDonalds on the South Gippie Hwy (Hampton Park).

  11. Going to NSW today to pick up my boat,

    But Tuesdays are good for me also, I am retired, So I can go any day,

    Thats if you dont mind me not wearing atgatt. Hahahahahahaha

    But I do prefer the Twistie roads out east past me,

  12. No worries mate, you can come in whatever gear you like. :) It's funny to see the type of responses you're getting if you start a thread like that. :angel:

    Probably going to do a run up to Jamieson one of the next Tuesdays if you're interested.

    BTW, with a bit of luck we'll make it all the way to Marysville through the Reefton Spur tomorrow, which should be a nice twistie ride at the end.

    Good luck with the boat! Fishing boat, or sailing?

    Cheers, Gerrit
  13. Jamo's a great road, I will be there for that one,

    34 foot Catamaran, sailing vessel, Tere Hau Nui,

    I sailed it single handed from Fiji to OZ thru Bundaberg and got washed up on the beach at Broughton Island, Putting big holes in both hulls,

    Will be on a truck tomorrow for Yaringa on Western Port Bay, Where I will fix it up again,

  14. Sorry to hear about the wash up of the boat. Sounds like you had a great time until then. Hope everything goes well with bringing the boat down and doing the repairs.

    I'll let you know about the next trip. Will be next week, but I'll wait with posting it until I have a more reliable weather forecast for next week. Monday looks to be an ugly day with a max of 15 degrees.

    Cheers, Gerrit