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Mid-week Brisbane Ride 25 Oct 2011

Discussion in 'QLD' started by skipperau, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Anyone up for a weekday meander through the countryside on Tuesday the 25th of Oct?

    Departure: arrive at BP Stapyton around 10am for a 10:30am departure.

    Desination: Mt Tamborine and Gold Coast hinterland

    Who: All welcome.
  2. + 1. Plus two actually. The cook will be along as well.
  3. i'd be on this straight up if it weren't a tuesday :(

    but i'd be pretty keen for a ride around this area (or anything commencing from bris) depending on the day of course. after next week im free on mondays and wendesdays + weekends
  4. Too easy, I do a 3 week rotation, I am free this coming Monday and Tuesday, we chose Tuesday because it means Kneedragon and I can get out earlier, I will be coming off night shift Monday morning and KD's wife won't finish until 07:00 so it's a bit of a drag for Monday mornings but if you are keen for a lunchtime start PM me and we'll see what can be done.
  5. If I can get the day off I'm in!
  6. Ok, it's looking like Monday 24th at this stage, guilty. Skipper was (last time I asked him) trying to entice some other person in who can only go on the Monday. It'll be good to catch up with you.
  7. I would've been in for Monday except already made plans, Mondays are always good for me.
  8. Social afternoon ride Monday perhaps, Tuesday is still on. More riding is good. Can you ask your social secretary to speak to mine re: catering for the day. Whether we want to make our usual lunch or eat out? :)
  9. I got dark words this morning that one day was do-able but two was not. I'll get her on the electric speaking trumpet some time...
  10. Bugger. I've got people away for the next few weeks, or I'd be all over this too. :(
  11. Then it is Tuesday, Monday is a PIA except for a short afternoon jaunt.

    Might accept the invite to chauffeur the Queen around. Apparently some silly bugger suggested I was respectable and don't bite.
  12. I'm out mon but have tue's off work, if there's a tue crew I'm in
  13. I can do one or the other. I'm saying Tuesday's better.
  14. Yep, Tuesday is a go, I might have to work Monday anyway doing a few hours o/t.
  15. Tue it is same arrangement as first post? 10am stapyton BP
  16. I'll be heading down for this one too.

    Guilty - can I follow you down ??
  17. Yes, all is good to go for Tuesday. See you there. :)
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  18. This BP is the one on the opposite side of the highway to Yatala pies, right ?
    Sorry , i dont get down that way much. :)
  19. Adam, just in case you miss guilty just follow the highway down towards the Gold Coast until you see Exit 38, (Yatala North) and at the roundabout take the first exit (tight left turn) then in the entrance and look for a blue FJR and a black ZX-14.
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  20. Yep, that's the one. :)