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Mid-size sport-tourer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    May or may not happen, but I fired off an application yesterday for a job that, if I get it, would require about a 70 minute commute each way on highways. Obviously my current Spada won't cut it as a long term solution, and I'd be on enough more money in the new job that money is less of an object, though I still want to be sensible about it.

    I've had my heart set on an SV650S for a while, and those would certainly do the speed required happily, have the fairing and so on. I do want something a bit sporty, so not a full on tourer and definitely not a cruiser. A full fairing is less of an issue because I'm in Queensland and it's almost never cold and wet, but a top fairing like on the SV would be nice for the highway stuff. But full fairing is also not a problem.

    I'm about 95 kilos and 5'8" (173 cm), and don't really want to go for a 1000 or higher.

    So what are some of the other options? GSX750F? VFR800? ER-6F?
  2. who said?? :p :LOL:
  3. Heh, oh, she'd do it happily, without complaining and start first time every time. But at the speeds I intend to (allegedly) travel at, she'd be screaming a bit and a fairing would be really nice. Bit buzzy on the hands too. Something that's just a tad more relaxed at highway speeds would be nice: but definitely no aspersions on the Spud's abilities. ;)

    Just been looking at the VFRs, and they're damn expensive, but damn nice. ;)

    Other options?
  4. have to agree with you but after 3 weeks of 100kmcomute each way....you get to appreciate the littel blighters abilities.

    VFR would be a good choice but i'm very partial to the V-twins...go the SV!!!
  5. You wouldn't need to go to 1000 if it's just you on the bike (no pillion) but you will want more than a 250, also the v-twin 650 seems to have better fuel economy when you're in top gear than a 1000.

    The ER-6f seating position feels too upright, haven't tried the others, but at your height you shouldn't have any problems taking any out for a test ride. Take your time, shop around, try different types, you can't tell until you try, they feel different when just sitting on them you need to ride them to find what suits you.

    And be careful with the v-twin - the 250 is more forgiving when you compression lock than a bigger bike - use your brakes to slow down then change to the relevant gear or you could lock up the rear - you should be ok but it's a bit scary especially when it's not your bike :grin: - happy shopping.

    Can't resist the sound of a v-twin - just remember to factor pipes into the deal.
  6. All the bikes you listed would certainly be worth a look, though your best option might be a dual sport like a 650/1000 V-strom or TDM900.
  7. moto guzzi breva.

    the big four all have 600/4 mid/semi/fully naked bikes now
  8. All good bikes, I'm looking at the BMW F800S as my next bike for the same kind of journey every day. :cool:
  9. So yeah, I guess in terms of this class it's:

    Honda: VFR 800
    Yamaha: TDM 900
    Suzuki: SV 650S or GSX 750F
    Kawasaki: ER-6F

    All very different bikes, and I have to say it's probably between the SV and the VFR at this point. Haven't really looked at the BMWs and Moto Guzzis (and I guess Ducatis and Aprilias) 'cos I'm still trying to be sane about the money.

    The TDMs are almost as expensive as the VFRs, and just don't do as much for me.

    What do people think of the VTEC? (I'll search and post what I find here in a sec) Is it better to go 2000-2001 (pre-Vtech) or 2004+ (sorted Vtech) rather than 2002-2003 (early laggy Vtech)?
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  11. I feel your pain, re: 70 minute commute at freeway speeds. The VTR250 isn't too bad for it provided there's no headwind on the day, but it's less than ideal. Tiger 1050 or VFR800 (or maybe BMW) when I get off restrictions. :)

    A friend has the BMW F800S and quite likes it - apparently changing gears is a bit 'meh' but otherwise a very good bike, and competitively priced against the VFR et al.

    Regarding VFRs with VTEC, probably best to go with a post-2004 model. The early models with VTEC were tuned so that there is a dramatic step-increase in torque as it changes modes, which gives the bike an exciting kick in the pants like a 2-stroke - May not be desireable when you're halfway around a corner.

    2004 and beyond they adjusted the mode-change point so that it's a smoother, safer transition. Less "exciting" though.

    Pre-VTEC is good too, I've heard.
  12. I know it's classed as a sports bike, but the older cbr600 is actually rather comfortable. Maybe take a seat on an F3/F4?
  13. I do a regular, day in, day out 20km highway commute on a SV650S and it handles that fine. I'd have no issues with riding it 70 mins each way - though if I was going to do that I'd look at getting some bar risers.

    the 650's clip-ons aren't as low as those on supersports 600s so call me a sook, but they are low enough that you're leaning forwards. If I was going to sit on a highway for a reasonable distance on a commute, higher bars would be useful.

    But that aside - it's probably an ideal bike. I get round 5L/100 consistently,
    there's bugger all buzz through the bars or pegs and it has plenty of power.

    The SV's only real weak point is the suspension - and there are plety of options floating around for sorting that - but on a commute that isn't really an issue anyway.
  14. Thanks Damo, that's very useful to know.
  15. It might be worth taking a look at www.svdownunder.com too.
    Plenty of SV info... all suitably biased of course :LOL:
  16. There is also the Hyosung GT650 in several versions that may be suitable.
  17. Good call, I'd forgotten about them. Mind you, I think the one person I talked to who had one said 'Get the SV', so...
  18. V-STROM 650 DL650


    i ride a honda cb900 hornet. 70 minutes you say :)
  19. are you absolutely ethically and moraly against a 1000? firestorm hits what you want rather nicely, ive been told they get around 4.8-5.2l/100kms on the freeway, despite their reputation. that is with the post 2001 model, carbs were tuned slighlty differently from what ive read. alot cheaper than the VFR, similar power, and 25kilos lighter. good luck with the job, and the new bike.

  20. +1 to "Check out the V-Strom 650"

    If I had to do a couple of hours each day on a motorcycle, that's the one I'd want to be on. Loads of fast fun in the twisties, offroad capabilities, plenty of power, 400km per tank economy, and most importantly it's the most comfortable place I can think of to put your arse on the road short of the mega-tourers.

    It doesn't have the glamour image of the sportier ones, but this also pays off with much cheaper insurance and less likelihood of theft.