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Mid-Range Bike - Advice please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Madison, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Hi all, first post on netrider.

    I did a quick search, so have seen this question sort of answered.

    I am looking at my next bike, I was riding an old CBR250RR, till i got hit and it was declared a total loss.

    It's now been about a year, and I am looking at my next bike. I probably want a mid range bike (I'm off restrictions), as I don't go to the track and just use it for fun on the weekends.

    I was after another sports bike, and read some reviews on the 2010 gt650r, which were all glowing. However, the consensus on this forum is that they are unreliable and should be kept well clear of.

    Money is an issue, which is why I'm not getting an r6 (plus it would be a waste given what I use it for).

    What bike(s) would people recommend me looking at? I want a sports bike, but it doesn't need to be a high end sports bike. The hyo was a great price, I can't afford anything over 12-13k, though I was hoping for 10k or less.

    Any suggestions?
  2. +1,000,000 for staying away from hyodeaths.
    Any 600 sport is good. They are all excellent so really it comes down to which one you connect with.
    They are so easy to ride and you have to get up them to make them go so they do make a good stepping stone bike to the big guns.
    Coming from a CBR they will fit like a glove. And a good low K used one will come in around 8G - 10G if your savvy. There are so many on the market. Just stick to your guns and the seller will fold. They always do.
  3. i like the green ones... they look sporty but the riding postion is comfy.
    and the new ones get abs.
  4. sv650, without a doubt.

    also, cbr600f.

    Either of those should be great.

    may also want to check out k750/1000 and fazer, bandit, hornet etc.
  5. I recently test rode a brand new demo Hyosung GT650 - whatever the touring version is. Yuck... it was a dog. Otherwise, I have read some decent reviews on them. Maybe the one I rode was a bad example. Who knows? I only rode one - after the first experience I didn't want to go back for more. Their price is nice, and they've got the looks, but once I was on the road with it I just wanted to get back to the dealer to hand it back.

    My money's on the Suzuki GSX650F - you'll get a brand new one within your budget and you get a whole lot of bike for your money.

    I'm biased, as I own one, but I've had a lot of bikes in my 20 years of riding, and this one's seriously a standout. Well worth looking at.

  6. For that sort of money you could buy lots of things.
    You want fun? 3-4 year old KTM Superduke is about that much.
  7. You sir, know how to search and read well, I like you a lot, very good decision, steer clear of Hyo's.

    What sort of riding do you intend on doing?

    --Sport riding weekends only, i.e. the bike only gets ridden for fun in the twisties?

    --Commuting and weekend fun??

    --Commuting only??

    --Only going to coffee shops as something to do in your spare time? <-- Read: Poser, buy a Ducati and tight jeans.

    Going as a rough guess, I'm thinking your going to be commuting most of your time and sport/fun riding on weekend when you can? Much like a lot of people here.

    If your going to commute and sport ride, I'm going to suggest also considering the Triumph Street Triple 675.

    Personally I ride a Daytona 675, commute a lot of kilometers (~1000km/week) and ride most weekends I can as fast as I can.

    However if money is an issue, and some people don't like the riding position of a super sport such as the Daytona, the Street Triple maybe your answer. Generally they are cheaper then Daytona's, they have the fantastic 675 motor with different cam-shaft for an increase in torque but less Horses up top compared to the Daytona 675 motor. The upright seating position other people find more comfortable for commuting, and generally, they are a fukn awesome bike.

    I'm very biased to the Triumph 675's, the motor's are just brilliant, I won't rattle on too much, but hopefully you can find a second hand one for $10k ??

    Just something to look at.

    Good luck with the bike hunting. :)

    Test ride test ride test ride!!!

    Edit: everyone loves pics


    Edit2: rip that fukn black screen off it and the mirrors replace with bar end or something smaller.
  8. I would try to have a ride on a z750 if I was you, they are fast enough, cheap to insure, easy to work on. It was fun when I took one for a ride but ended up getting a SV1000S.

    The SV650 also gets some good raps, never ridden one but it is said to be a better bike overall than the SV1000.

    You could also look at the VFR.
  9. Go the Street Triple! (i'm so biased)

    In all honesty, go down to the dealers and test ride bikes. That's the best way to find one that you like and then maybe look for one on bikesales etc if you can't get one from the dealer due to $$$.
  10. thirded for the street triple if it's in your price range. Won't find much more bike for the price. It's near perfection.
  11. That looks like what I'm after. I would be using for a little bit of commuting (mrs lives in the country, so that would be a nice ride, or going down to the beach), but not a lot as I work as a tradie so generally need a car.

    I would be going for rides on the weekend and stuff, looking to have a bit of fun on some windy roads etc.

    I am 6'1. Would this be an issue?

    Thanks for your help.

    Edit; Had a quick look, they look a bit pricey for me. I like to look of the Daytona as I want that sports look. Will I be able to get one for 10k if I just keep an eye out or will I need to get one with high kms?
  12. No idea, I'm 5'4 and can ride my Daytona fine but took a while to adjust to the new height. While I can't speak for taller people all I will say is test ride test ride test ride.

    You'd have to look for higher km's I'm thinking. At a quick search on bike sales Daytona 675's for under $10k are carrying anywhere from 10-30,000 km's depending on bike condition. This is the reason I'm not selling mine, current 59,000km's (in 14 months :shock: ) it won't fetch anything in a sale compared to all the other bikes on the market.

    Just a quick search on Street Triples, there are some under $10k, while I didn't check the condition I'd say some of the cheaper ones may of slid down the road?

    You would need to test ride both to know. Personally, I've ridden the street triple a few times for a quick blat and I can never work out the flat bars, but that's just me, every bike I get on with similar bars I can never work it out. But that's just me been shit. However I feel very at home on the Daytona with clip-ons.

    Engines: The Daytona 675 and Street Triple 675 have a different cam shaft. Basically the Street Triple has more torque and is very towie down low but redlines at 12,500rpm. The Daytona has more HP and redlines at 14,000rpm. But all in all, both are far more torquey then a typical Jap inline-4 and the power delivery is very linear.

    As I said, test ride test ride test ride.

    If your trying to stick to $10k budget, you may be quite limited in buying a 675, they are fairly new bikes all in all, so there won't be many out their around that price range - but there will be some; keep looking.

    Pillions: You mentioned your missus lives in the country, do you intend on taking her on the back for a spin or day trips or more?? While I haven't been pillion on a Street Triple, I have been pillion on my own Daytona several times and taken pillions, and while I absolutely love my bike, it is, a c%^& to be pillion on!!

    The rear pillion seat is quite high and leaning forward with hand on the tank gets very taxing on the wrists. I've had only one pillion who didn't mind going on the back of mine while the others (including myself) were quite uncomfortable been on the back. Maybe something to keep in mind.

    I would imagine but would like comment from Street Triple owners or pillions that the Street Triple would be far more comfortable to go pillion on.

    I'm a massive fan of the 675 motor, it gives me a horn thinking about it. However for your price range it may not suit. After your test rides it may not suit. All I'm saying is consider it an option when your shopping.

    --Test ride Test ride Test Ride all the bikes you wish to consider.
    --Test ride again to confirm.
    --Choose bike
    --Start shopping for best price / condition / accessories etc etc.


    Token pic; they wheelie well too: :D

    (yes I love showing this pic off)
  13. At 6ft 1in you should definitely look at the Yamaha FZ6n. They have a high seating position and for a bike similar to the bhp output of the Street Triple you will get a decent second hand one for ~$7k. I own one myself and think they are a great bike - if you don't want a naked then try the semi-fairinged version. Insurance and Parts are pretty cheap and readily available too. I got a 2005 with 24 thousand kms on it, just major serviced too for $6300. I can't recommend them enough to be honest.
  14. i found the FZ6n tiny compared to the Z750, I'm 6' 4" and found my Z perfect for my height...

    And in terms of value the Z750 is an awesome buy, considering your budget you'll be struggling to find the ST R for Under 10k... btw if you do go Triumph go the R or the Daytona, otherwise not worth the money...

    BUT as everyone said, try as many as you can... But i can vouch for the Z750 will be posting some new pics of mine in a while after a few mods :D

    GOOD LUCK! and have fun!... test riding is the most exciting time i reckon!
  15. The seat height is only 15mm difference and they have the same wheel base. I really wanted to try a z750 but there were none around when I was bike shopping. A good mate has one and loves it.
  16. It may only be 15mm but it also pushes your legs apart more - either a wider tank or wider seat or both! That & it's about 20kg heavier! I wouldn't discount the standard Striple either as the only difference is brakes/suspension & slightly narrower/cheaper handle bars - in saying that though, the base model is pretty much on par with the gap contenders so it's really just a matter of picking what you like best!

    As for price, you'd be cutting it fine but I'm pretty sure I've seen some R versions hovering around the $10k mark! ;) good luck!
  17. +1263786128736128973581263578123567125637125631278!!!

    I can ride the Daytona because it has a very narrow seat, other bikes, not so much, and I can't so much ride them as comfortably.
  18. If you are buying a Z750 check the engine mount brackets make sure they have not snapped or cracked.
  19. I'm yet to get around to test rides, but on paper the cbr600f looks pretty good.

    Nothing but good reports online.

    Its sporty, with a sporty look (I think naked bikes and that are a bit ugly), but seems to be more of an everyday use sports bike rather than something that will rip my arms out of its sockets (it has a heap of useable power, rather than track power).

    I found a second hand 2006 with only 2100km on it for $8000.

    How come they stopped making them? I've searched online but can't find much.

    It seems like this bike is everything I want, sporty look, sports bike (not tourer), heaps of power/speed to play with but not all the excessive power that puts it out of my budget.


    Sorry for all the q's.
  20. Is this a known problem with the Z750's ??