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Mid life crisis!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nods, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone.

    What better way to enjoy a mid life crisis than to get back on a bike?!

    I raced motocross as a kid, then restored a '74 Triumph Bonneville when I was 18 and had a clapped-out Kawasaki trail bike at the same time, but haven't been on a bike in 20 years.

    I've had an itch for a while and when my wife said "go for it" I started looking on bike sales. I was looking at the BMW tourers, then the Triumph Tiger 800 XC, then I stumbled upon the Tiger 1050 and had a good feeling. I flew up from Sydney to pick up a bike second hand from a Brisi dealer just before Christmas, and 14 hours later I knew the good feeling was going to develop into a love affair. This bike suits me down to the ground.

    My wife and I got kitted out in new gear, and we take off together whenever someone can look after the kids. We're off to Mudgee from Sydney this weekend.

    Nice to meet you all!

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  2. Gday and welcome back to two wheels.
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  3. Welcome Nods ( I can't believe that NIC wasn't already taken :playful: ) I guess you are in Sydney. If you are free on the weekend of March 7th we are having a meetup in Jindabyne. The main thread is in my signature below but there is also a NSW feeder thread in the NSW rides section.
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  4. Welcome back to the roads; 20 years away seems to generate some motorcycling itch, I think!
    Yeah, come along to Jindabyne!
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  5. Thanks a lot Chris, that sounds fantastic. I'll check what's happening on the home front. It would be good to meet everyone, and I've always wanted to join in one of those big group rides I've seen around.
    Yeah, good NIC huh?!
  6. Welcome..
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  7. Welcome to NR!
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  8. *Nods at NodsNods *

    Welcome aboard.
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  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
  10. Hey Nods, congrats on returning to 2 wheels. My wife had the MLF in our family - she sat down one Sunday morning last March and said "I have something to tell you" and I'm thinking "wtf, is she sleeping with someone else..!", and she goes "I think we should both get bikes" :D

    Cue purchase of a bike for her without her knowledge within the week so she couldn't change her mind! Fast forward 9 months or so and we have 2, and she has full license and just completed her first advanced course and is loving riding. Me - I get out all the time, 15 odd years of missed riding to catch up on!

    Have a blast mate and ride safe...
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  11. welcome aboard Nods :]
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  12. #12 Mcsenna, Feb 11, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
    We haven't had a nodding thread for a while.
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  13. Here's nodding at you Nods! Welcome to Nod Rider! You'd better nod forget to nod, Nods...okay nuff.
    Happy rides and those shared are even better!:cat:
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  14. Locked in for Jindy, can't wait! I've booked, but how do I pay?

  15. You need to go to the MAIN Jindabyne ride thread, with the word VIC in it. Chris has posted the payment details there!
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  16. Thanks Paul
  17. Welcome to the forum
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  18. Hey Nods, welcome. I've just got my bike licence & like chillibuttonchillibutton's wife I'm loving it, riding with my husband instead of on the seat behind him. Maybe your wife might get the bug to ride too :D Enjoy!
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  19. Hi Jozlyn, funny you should mention it - my wife saw a lady on a Harley which was fairly low (my bike is quite tall) and that got her thinking about a bike of her own. I'd worry about her on the roads, but I guess there's courses she can do.

    What bike do you ride? I'm interested to find out what you girls are riding. My wife is 5'6". I'll ask chillibutton too.

    Thanks for the welcome
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  20. Hi chillibutton thanks for the welcome. Good to hear you and your wife can now ride together. What is she riding? And what/where are the courses she's done?