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mid life crisis

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rangir, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hi folks,well back into it again after 20 years (postie bikes dont count do they?)
    First bike 250 suzie hustler back in '75 and last regular ride yam, fj12 in '92.
    Just bought my first ever NEW bike '12 650 strom.Luvvin' it.Wife calls it my new girlfriend. Hope she's faithful.Cheers.Rangir

  2. Welcome from a follow Strommer. Super versatile bike and bullet proof.
    I've just come back from a 2000km round trip Melbourne to Broken Hill, plenty of dirt mixed in. Strom handled it easy.
  3. Welcome Rangir, this is a great forum. Lots of really friendly people, lots of helpful tips and knowledge enjoy:).
  4. welcome to NR, you'll love it here :)
  5. Hello, I wanted a V Strom too, but not LAMS, maybe in future.
  6. Congrats on buying a new Wee-strom....mine is a 07 model and I'm loving it.

    Great thing about the DL650's, you can set them up how ever you want and it'll still come ot so much cheaper than a trumpy Tiger or Beemer 800GS.

    Not to drag you away from this great forum but have you heard of Stromtroopers? If not, google it and when you come accross the forum bit, look in the Australia/ New Zealand section and you'll come accross many Strommers on both the 650 and the 1000 but the wee is the most common....everything on that forum site is V-strom related and it's international as well....great if ya ever wanna venture outside.
    My name there is wobbly_boot.

    I see that you're from the Gold Coast region...theres more local Stromtroopers in that area than just about anywhere and often organise regular rides and events and have a pretty good attendance. I wish I was living up there.

    Welcome to Netriders


  7. Thanks for the welcome all.Did look at the stromtroopers forum Brumby and they seem to be a wealth of info but when I went to register they wanted $20 for full access.Can afford a lousy 20 bucks but it just annoyed me a bit. From reading through a few posts on netriders think I'd be pretty comfortable amongst the people here.Hope I can contribute a bit but am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to current issues. Take it easy.rangir
  8. Yeah know what ya mean....I've been on there since November '11 but I've got the free admission membership(I'm a tightarse:grin:)....just that it times out quite regularly.
    Just thought that because you're up in the GC area, theres a lot of strommers there and if my memory serves me right, the guy who owns the Suzuki dealership also has regular rides that he organises.

    I've read some good reports on the new 2012 model and with the improvements they've made...by the time I'm ready to upgrade, there'll be some nice used ones with some extras on them up on the used market.

    Hope you enjoy your new steed.....keep upright ok:biker:


  9. Welcome buddy.
    My Strom 2011, is my first duel purpose bike after only riding road bikes. Loving it. As Brumby says, very versatile. Love getting off the roads and exploring. Can also give it a bit in the twisties as well. Great fun.
    netrider.com are also good for info. Not Strom but all sorts of riders with 'off the beaten track' info that I find helpful. I'm with ST as well under CamStrom so may catch you up here.

    Have fun on NR dude.

    What mid life crisis? Fark that!