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Mid-century reproduction / imitation / -esque motorcycles

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. For as long as I've been riding, I've always had an interest in making imitations of mid-century motorcycles, say by taking a thirty year old UJM single or twin for little money, and modifying it accordingly. Later this year I hope that interest finally bears material fruit. I was in Deus Ex Machina two weeks ago and saw a W650 made to look like a WLA Harley. Once in a while I see on the net an example of something along such lines, though rarely, and the only place where it seems popular is in Japan on SR400s, W650s etc, but such websites are hard to come across. Of course a lot of bobbers are essentially just this, but there's noticeable differences from most bobbers when the bike is made specifically with the image of mid-century motorcycling in mind. Anyway, after numerous google attempts I'm giving up on finding people who are interested specifically in the same thing and examples of their work. Does anybody here know of any sites or examples of such work?

  2. So you want to MAKE one rather than buy one already-made? I can understand that. I'd do what the captn is doing and buy a 1979-ish Yamaha XS-650D and start from there. There are heaps of mods and bits available in the States, where this bike is a favourite among modders.
  3. is the jockeyjournal forum any help? that seems to be getting towards what you're thinking about, i must admit to not having really dug around that much there though.
  4. actually they seem t have deleted all the jap threads, seems they decided to restrict the forums to yank, euro and brit bikes sometime last year.