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Mid 90's 600s vs modern 600s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thecptn v1.1, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. After about 3 years just fiddling with old bikes, I mean real old bikes, I spat the dummy and had enough, truth is after so long I just want some thing modern and goes likes the ducks guts and I know wont break down on me, so I have been looking about, and for some reason a lot of the mid 90s to late 90s sportsbikes just look the show! really got my heart out on this 96 kwaka zx6r in well..green, I've even looked up reviews from the 90s, they seem to have a lot of praise, besides the front discs warping to some users the carbs icing up, I cant find fault, but how would they hold up to some thing from this century?

    All my bikes have been naked old things, so this is a step in the other direction, hell never owned an inline four before, I feel so very dirty heh, if any one can illuminate this area for me, id would make the transition to these bikes all the merrier!
  2. http://snipurl.com/2783ji There ya go, a 1999 Yellow 600 Honda Hornet, 17" front wheel instead of my nervous 16", only 68,000 kms (mine's got 154,000kms) at around half the money I paid for mine in March '05 :shock:
  3. My brother had a 96 ZX6, it cracked the frame..... twice (once after getting the first repaired). This was not through crash damage. Whether or not that was just that bike it is probably worth checking the frame.
  4. Thats alarming actually, hey that hornet aint too shaby either..hmm, can any other 90s zx6 owners chime in on this.
  5. ZX-6s do seem to have a flaw in that one part of the frame does certainly seem to be more likely to crack (ie is a stress concentrator). Certainly the few wrecked ZX-6s I've seen have all cracked in the same place, but hadn't heard of them cracking in normal use (though if frequent wheelies were involved it's not entirely surprising).

    This is one of the reasons why I don't buy aluminium framed bikes. They do have a limited fatigue life and if you don't know the history of the bike it's very difficult to know how close to the end of this life it is.
  6. Hmmm, might be good to have that area strengthened.

  7. I bought a 96 ZX6R in 2002 with 15000km on it. I kept it until almost a year and a half ago. Did some touring on it, track days and levels 1 to 3 of Superbike School at Phillip Island.

    Loved it to bits. Fantastic bike. Excellent fuel economy too :)

    I've got a Street Triple now and as much as I like that, I still miss the ZX6R. I never had a single mechanical issue with it at all.
  8. Easier said than done unfortunately.

    Good steel-framed options from that era would be either the Suzuki RF600 or Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat. Both were designed as pure sportsbikes, but because they were so well suited to road riding have since become considered to be sports-tourers (and are therefore usually much cheaper to buy, and less likely to have been thrashed).
  9. It's good to know that there where happy zx6 owners, I wont be thrashing it, bit of mixture riding, hopefully it will hold up.