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microsofts new product...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. looks like a brick!!

    nay past product like this MS has tried (mainly the OS) has been a rather big flop...... windows CE anyone??

    plus looks lke the base station is rather chunky too.

    wonder how fast the touch panel wears out (like Palm Pilots)

    would only be really usefull in WIFI areas so the guy in his 4wd there might as well have a map and a ipod. same functionality, smaller and weighs less.

    i'll pass thanks
  2. Pretty cool.
  3. that guy didn't buckle up his helmet! :eek: though it is an american ad so at least he bothered wearing one :p

  4. Smaller than a laptop with all of the "consumer functionality" is what they are aiming at from what I can see.

    How does the iPod send images?

  5. it doesn't... same as the guy in the 4wd.... not to many WIFI spots out in the bush mate.....with out it..all it was doing for him way playing music and showing maps.... hence an ipod+ map would be much lighter and take up less space.

    but an iriver is better anyway.... it at least stores any kind of files and can actually show piccs and play movies (on some models)

    i' really don't think it will take off..... as all the Plam tops running CE found..most of the programs you'd want to use don't get made for it unless its MS product and even then its a cut down version
  6. $100us Laptop

    I think this would be better than M$ crap.

    This is just another rework of M$ tablet pc.

    It has its good points and bad points (more bad than good)

    But thats just me
  7. We use bulk Pocket PCs here at work and we find the same. The programs you want to use you can't and to buy them custom made for it then they are stupidly expensive. Don't get me wrong they are useful but they do have their limits. (not enough good games :wink: ) We use the I-mate PDA2K EVDO here.
  8. There are more ways to connect wirelessly than just WiFi. I thought the 4x4 guys was using 3g phone to connect to the net.

    The device appears to me to be more than an MP3/4 player. More like a proper laptop with maybe XPMCE.
    The big difference being the interface and any restrictions or benefits that go with that.