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Microsoft murdered my Xbox360

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bugeater, May 14, 2007.

  1. There was a dashboard update yesterday when I turned on my Xbox360. So I accepted it and it seemed to download and install. Then the screen went blank and seemed to be frozen for ages before I turned it off and on again. Red ring of death! (xbox equivalent to the "blue screen of death", but a lot worse). Supposively means hardware failure.

    It occassionally booted a little further but would then freeze. It wasn't doing this before the update. It is now completely useless.

    The damn thing is less than a month out of its warranty period!

    So I called customer support and they want me to pay $200 to get it fixed. Bastards! They want me to pay $200 to fix something that happened as soon as their update was installed. Email support just sends me a cookie cutter response.

    I'm so mad. I believe we get a statutory warranty in Australia that should be longer than a year, but try to explain that to the Indian call center worker :shock:

    Yeah I needed a rant.... :evil:
  2. Where/ When did you get it? I'd just grab the receipt and take it back...

    But how long did you wait for this dash update? cos i'd leave mine overnight if it didn't come back to me....

    And i'd still persist with the whole, "You broke it, you fix it angle" no matter the warantee, its a software issue that broke your system, not like a hardware thing.
  3. Actually it IS a hardware thing, and Microsoft know that.

    My old machine (given to my son-in-law at Christmas) froze up a month or so ago and he sent it away and they fixed it for him. Your hardware drama just decided to manifest itself co-incidentally with a software download. Contact Microsoft and tell them you need it fixed because it is a known fault.
  4. That sucks, looks like your firmware got corrupted or was in the processes of being rewritten when you turned it off. :(
  5. Sounds like a good name for a chilli sauce :LOL:.
  6. Well on the few occasions where I've been able to get to the dashboard (before it freezes) and look around, it appears that the update occured - I think it actually hung after the update as it was resetting itself. When I say the screen went blank, it was actually not sending any signal at all to the TV, which is very odd.

    As to taking it back, the store I bought it from went out of business not long after I bought it.

    I'm going to talk to consumer affairs at lunchtime, since such an expensive device should not fail only a year after purchase. And if this is a known hardware issue then I definitely shouldn't be paying to fix it - they sold me a faulty device to start with.
  7. Well it's an even bigger pain in the arse! :shock:
  8. What? Microsoft doing a dodgy? I'm shocked! (can you smell the sarcasm?)

    Having worked with M$ products for almost a decade the only thing I'm surprised about is that it's a hardware fault. Hardware ironically is the one thing M$ do well.
  9. It's not about the store from which you purchased it, bugeater, it's between you and Microsoft.


    The cause of the failures is considered the ubiquitous over-heating of Xbox 360, which has plagued the console since its launch. U.S. consumers experienced similar malfunction incidences that required Xbox 360 owners to pay for repairs incurred outside of warranty. Due to overwhelming consumer response, Microsoft in Sept. 2006 agreed to repair consoles manufactured before Jan. 2006 at no cost.

    ....from a British web-site

    Contact Microsoft and demand that this incipient problem be fixed; you shouldn't need to go to Consumer Affairs...
  10. I don't like M$ much but besides the price, what is wrong with M$ office suite?
  11. The problem here is than my box was manufactured outside of the free repair window. I think it is a March 2006 one.

    The consumer affairs thing is just to strengthen my case. I should still be covered by a statutory warranty in any case.
  12. Without a doubt their best piece of software. The price is a major concern for me. Moving forwards Office 2007 looks like it'll cost a lot of time in staff training too. There are some issues with data formats and interaction between other Office suites, but nothing that can't be worked around. I guess it comes down to what it's used for. Most people I know don't use all of the features of Office and therefor shouldn't spend ~$400 on it when Oo_Org does what they need in a format that can be easy distributed.
  13. I attended a MS briefing last year where they discussed a lot of the improvements in Office. The majority of the changes were not new, but simpler access to existing features. Apparently, a lot of the user feedback from previous editions was wish lists. Which confused the Office developers as the majority of the enhancement requests were for features that already existed.
  14. Do you know how to check your hardware ring of death fault codes? If so post the code up here, and a few of us may be able to help you out.

    It is a button combination at power up, and will display some more specific information. My bro had a red ring of death, but the fault code pointed us to the power supply. All it was in the end was his connector had worn a bit, and needed to be plugged in a little more firmly.

    The following is copied from another site. The last paragraph may be of particular use to you. I accept no responsibility if any of you try any of these things, and lose your save games etc. This stuff is for fault finding and error correction ONLY

    If there is a problem with the Xbox360 The LEDs in the ring of light will flash in a particular pattern. The pattern itself leads some insight to the problem. Certain patterns will lead to numbered error codes which will provide further insight to the problem. The numbered error codes are described below their corrosponding LED code.

    The specific type of hardware failure can be determined by a "hidden" error code

    * Turn the xbox 360 on, and wait till the 3 red lights are flashing.
    * Press and hold the sync up button (the small white one), while holding that button press the eject button.
    * The LEDs will now blink the first number in the code (as described below).
    * Release the eject button and press it again.
    * The LEDs will now blink the second number of the code.
    * Release the eject button and press it again.
    * The LEDs will now blink the third number of the code.
    * Release the eject button and press it again.
    * The LEDs will now blink the forth number of the code.
    * Release the eject button and press it again.
    * The LEDs will go back to the 3 red flashing lights.

    You should be able to determine the difference between the 3 flashing lights and the error code lights by the rate in which they flash.

    Here is how you interpret the LEDs to get the code number:

    * All four lights flashing - 0
    * One light flashing - 1
    * Two Lights flashing - 2
    * Three lights flashing - 3

    0001 power supply problem
    0002 Network Interface problem
    0003 Power problem could be the PSU could be the GPU/CPU, somehow the console isn't getting clean power from the power supply.
    0010 over heating
    0011 over heating - If you are receiving this error after disassembling your console make sure to all 8 of the heatsync screws are tightened securely to the board/heatsink holes.
    0012 over heating
    0013 over heating
    0020 (Not yet known, possibly overheating)
    0021 DVD Drive Time out - Can be caused by problems with a firmware flash. This is also speculated to sometime be caused by a problem with the southbridge chipset on the motherboard.
    0022 GPU Error / GPU Overheating
    0023 (not yet known)
    0101 (not yet known)
    0102 unknown error
    0103 CPU Error/ CPU Overheating - see solution for error 0102
    0110 Memory Error / Memory Overheating - see solution for error 0102
    0200 (not yet known)
    1000 (not yet known)
    1001 (not yet known)
    1002 (not yet known)
    1003 Hard Drive Error... It could be a problem with the Hard Drive itself or a problem with the internal connection to the hard drive, Try removing the hard drive and playing without it
    1010 Hard Drive Error, Can be caused buy a corrupt or missing eProm.
    1011 (not yet known)
    1012 (not yet known)
    1013 (not yet known) possibly a dashboard update error
    1020 (not yet known)
    1021 (not yet known)
    1022 AV cable error... There is a problem with the AV cable, try using a different AV cable. (could also be a problem with the encoder chip)
    1023 DVD drive not connected, connect DVD drive to boot
    1030 (not yet known)
    1031 (not yet known)
    1032 (not yet known)
    1033 (not yet known)
    1444 and up There is no "4" in the error codes four lights is a "0" go back and check your code again.

    --==Console Reset Codes==--
    Clear All Installed Game Updates and Console Cache

    1. Go to the "system" blade
    2. Select "memory"
    3. Press Y on the HD symbol
    4. Press X,X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X,X
    5. A message will appear saying: "Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?"
    6. Select Yes

    Clear Any Failed system updates that cause the console to error.

    1. With the console off, press and hold the sync up button (the small white one)
    2. While holding the sync button press the power button to turn on the console
    3. Continue to hold the sync button until the Console has booted up completely.
    4. During the boot process the console should clear any failed updates, allowing you to use it normally.
  15. At the moment I am starting to get out into the UNIX world. Also playing with toys like Websphere, Oracle, blah blah blah… and I have found out one thing that scares me…
    M$ is comparatively reliable. There are oracle deployments that have the install kit fail, every thing needs huge amounts of pre prep and post install configuration. Seriously M$ may be pretty crap at times, but this is not a trait that they are the leaders in the field of. I meant If there was one key thing I most hated about M$ it would be there tendency to stomp over other companies IP rights while so aggressively enforcing there own.
  16. Well after spending 20 minutes on the phone with the call center, sorry, service center, :roll: still no luck. "Microsoft's policy with respect to implied warranties is that it is the period of the provided warranty". Right. So what they are saying is that an Xbox360 is only expected to last 1 year and 2 weeks.

    And why is the service fee $199.95 - am I likely to go "well it's not quite $200, so I guess I'll pay it"?

    Oh and Consumer Affairs Victoria is completely useless. If it was a washing machine they would probably know what to do, but not a next-gen game console.

    I'll try to get those service codes as well. I have done the cache clearing thing. It seemed to fix the console up about 2 weeks ago when it first had a problem. I'm guessing there is an underlying hardware issue that the update bought into the open. Oh and the call center people made a strong point that the update did not cause the problem. Not that they would say anything if it did.

    Anyhow I may have to send their legal department a letter.
  17. Speaking to the ACCC, any other examples of failure or settlements in relation to the 360 would be valuable. Also in the end the $32.50 that the small claims tribunal will cost is considerably less than $199.95. Lot of stuffing around though.

    Meanwhile I can't play Guitar Hero or HD-DVDs. :?
  18. Unlucky.

    I downloaded the update last night, and got a blank screen too, but when I rebooted the system it was all running fine.
  19. I knew there was a reason why I didn't buy an X-BOX 360....