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Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Microsoft have made a version jump and announced the next Op system from the Redmond Mill will be Windows 10; I am not a big Redmond fan but this does seem to be an improvement over Win 8.

    Revamp of the Start button with a return of the Start Menu.
    Lots of styling tips that look quite Appleish
    APPS will be able to be resized and the standard right hand top close and resize options are on Apps now.


  2. What a wank-fest
  3. Describes MS in general doesn't it mate ;)
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  4. Given that Microsoft's biggest customer base is still desktop-centric, it's the awful way Windows 8 fails on the desktop that they have to address urgently.
  5. Yes I was a bit surprised they didn't do more of an address in the 8.1 upgrade. Version 10, the number, would be just marketing driven, Apple has OSX so MS needs to be the same number. Everybody seems to have subverted the version numbering system now days for marketing purposes.
  6. I'm over Windows, I ended up uninstalling 8 and going back to 7. Why would I think 10 is going to be any better?
  7. Getting Ebola would be an improvement on Windows 8.

    It's crap on a laptop and even more aggravating on a phone.
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  8. Apparently they're introducing Linux-style virtual workspaces. Sadly, it sounds like they (in the current version, at least) in a way that limits the usefulness -- all windows appear on the taskbar, no matter the workspace you're on (perhaps to avoid confusing people of limited sav?). But still, it is a move in the right direction.

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  9. bahahahahahaha....
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  10. Good to see you still around Minglis, Hope things are going well, haven't caught up for a while. (y)
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  11. Yes I noticed that, I use Multiple workspaces a lot in Linux so it would be good to see it come into the Windows world. I hadn't picked up on the combined toolbar thing.
  12. Hopefully they'll make it a setting users can change.
  13. I've only ever had three minor issues with Windows in the 20 or so years that i've used it. Vista had those issues, and when I put my fist through a glass window pane. While working with a couple of colleges who had Mac laptops, found that they don't have an "insert" key and they struggled with some spreadsheets and accounting software.
  14. 9b0ce03b-a985-4fc7-9c1c-3d4c3a0cd569-original.
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  15. How would you feel if you were Windows 9?
  16. Lucky
  17. I heard on the radio this morning that when you install Windows 10, it turns all the photo's you have on your computer into a slide show. I don't know if this is true. Apparently some people had p0rn photos on their computers and have been caught when the slide show plays.
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  18. Apparently? Come on spill the beans, you were giving a presentation and it went to slide show didn't it?
  19. I can honestly say it wasn't me. I'm still running windows 7. Haven't updated to windows 10 yet. I'll wait till they iron out some of the bugs first.