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Mickyb wanna be...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DeepWater, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Well after finding out custom licence plates are now available on Saturday, i went straight ahead and ordered one, :cool:

    I soooooooooo wanted ROSSI or some variant of this, though i gather so did a thousand other people, so needless to say, they were all gone. So i ended up getting the number plate i wanted 2yrs ago when i 1st inquired to the RTA about em. I got;

    EN4CR (enforcer)

    In vivid blue, to match the blue r6, :cool:
  2. was WANKA gone? :p :p :p :p

    ha cool plates :cool:
  3. that suits your bike Dave !!

    So the typical R6 ones gone ???

    YAM R6
    YAM R1
    ARGH6 :grin: <------ i think i've seen this one in Syd traffic.
    ARSIX (yes, is wanky)
    YZF R6 (definitely gone)
    BLU R6
  4. How about "PLATE"..... because it doesn't have any numbers....never mind.
  5. hahha, tried to get it, but they said it was already pre-ordered by ksystems, :cool:

    i was thinking of that, but when i got a new bike, the plate wouldnt match, atleast this way i can just change the plates colour, rather then gettin a whole new plate.
  6. I had VTWIN-2 on my SV1000S. Thought it was a good idea at the time, but after I got it, I was always paranoid if I was riding and over taking someone or riding a bit quick.. too easy to remember.

    I have standard issue plates on my new SV1000S. Not even I can remember my rego number. Seriously.
  7. hey greg, they dont need any numbers in them, mine is 5 letters but aint giving it away

    and i started all this, micky copied me :LOL: i swear he did
  8. Bike that parks in melbourne (Flinders La from memory) IMLATE. I love it very... appropriate
  9. very true hornet !! i did think of this, hard to blame "another" bike when u got a number plate people can easily remember, but i just had to have it. I'll just make sure on get aways i put the bike vertical , :wink:
  10. it...was...supposed...to...be...a...joke.........................
    Get it....number plate....so it is just a "plate" because it doesn't have any numbers.....like I said, never mind.

  11. yeah, true but for my case . . . .

    DE5MO is on a red Monster
    D3SMO is also on a red Monster
    DESMO I believe is also on a red . . . . ummm, Supersport ! :LOL:

    D35MO is currently being considered by a Monster owner !
  12. Nemind Greg, I got your joke, and laughed (or at least smiled)
  13. I was thinking about getting ....TEC....

    Seems im always at the back of the pack on ride days ,and the newbies would know ,who the TEC is . :LOL:
  14. But if you can only see it from behind, and you're at the back of the convoy???
  15. Well if you come along on a ride day ,you would know how it all works. :wink:

    For one ,the TEC's bike is shown to the group and the TEC plate on the bike next to the other 50 bikes would help them see what one to look for.

    And when I pass the corner maker ,the TEC plate would show ,who ever the corner maker is ,that im the TEC ,and he/she can leave the corner and over take {in a safe spot} and continue on the ride.
  16. Yeah a mate of mind had sxspd on his Monaro and everyone who asked him why he got them and he said cause TOSSA was gone!

    I want MATTI but some scumbag [probably a Matthew] has taken it, so look out for WESTY in the future. :cool: :cool:
  17. I just checked if LATTE was available !

    Sad to say its gone !! :(
    Probably on a Ducati GT1000 Cafe Racer ! :rofl:
  18. What about POSER? That'd look lovely on a Duc :wink:
  19. Was thinking about this for my Hyosung:

  20. I would get that if I got a Duck!

    How about?

    TIFOSI not in VIC we only have 5 letters/numbers

    and for the LAMs Monster DCAF