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Mickyb V9

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by haggis, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Micky had an accident today. He is in Westmead hospital. He has a broken arm and very serious injuries to his right leg. No head or internal damage. We managed to speak with him for a while in emergency. He was in the operating theatre when Falco Phil and I left. It happened on Galston Gorge, he was riding to a meet point and was solo. Don't know all the details about the off as yet, don't speculate please. I will post up and fresh info as I get it.

  2. Holy crap!!!

    Hope its better than it sounds! $hit..
  3. :shock: Get better micky
    thinking of ya
  4. Operating theatre not good, keep us updated.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Thanks Haggis keeping us up dated on whats going on.

    Like I said on the phone, call me if you hear any thing ,don't matter what time . :(
  6. OMG. There is an article on news.com.au and it sounds like it's about this incident, I won't post anything as it may be against rules(?).
    I hope he pulls through ok.
  7. yes, there is here
    it indicates that there was another party involved. we all know how accurate the media can be, so seriously, no speculation please.
  8. I dont know Micky but I hope he pulls through ok .
  9. We were told about this at the Fiddler meet, instantly changed everyone's mood. We just hope that his injuries aren't as serious as first thought, and hope he gets better soon.

    All our thoughts are with you Micky :cry:
  10. Hearing this is the sort of thing that instantly drains the colour from your face.

    When we find out where he is at Westmead we should go visit him in small groups. Sounds like he may be in hospital for some time. When we do we should take a print out of the thread with everyone's best wishes.

    Hoping harder than hard that the leg injuries aren't anything permanent.

    Hardly seems important under the circumstances but does anyone know the state of his bike?
  11. I heard that his bike actually got off alright, not really that banged up.

    Makes you wonder what actually happened for Micky to be hospitalised while the bike gets off fine
  12. I heard worse on the radio news earlier :(.
  13. met him on a ride day .... good guy

    hope you get better mick

    also whats happened is in the past lets look to the recovery
  14. Strooth! Some pretty serious injuries by sounds of it. Wish ya all the best mate.
  15. Oh man!!!!

    Get well soon Micky. I hate to hear this kind of news.

  16. my thoughts are with you Micky...

    please keep me posted Denis and Phil.
  17. mickyb

    This is not good news. all our thought s are with you & your family micky,
    not Sweeeeeeeeeeeet at all.
    For all the other NR members out there, take care on your rides, life is to short. :idea:
  18. Damn, Really, really rough break.
    Well, when you read this thread, good luck and good spirits, shit to hear of another rider going down
  19. Be ok for us, Micky! I haven't met you, but you always seem like a friendly and fun guy here on NR.

    Can't think of how to express it, but be sure the shock and well wishes are pouring out here Melb.