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mickyb drops his bike on Galstone Gorge !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 21, 2007.


    A stupid cager decides to stop right at the apex of the 3rd hairpin at Galstone Gorge coming from Hornsby.

    I stopped the bike in time without hitting him, its just I stopped on the steep apex incline I had to drop the bike slowly ! :( . . . damage - scratch bar end and snapped clutch lever, but still operatable.

    Scrambles was behind me and saw the whole thing. I wasn't tail gating the prick ! , I kept my distance and even looked for the oncoming traffic from below. The driver of the Astra just decided to stop without notice !!! :evil:

    What I did next was my spanish blood coming out !!

    Within seconds of slowly dropping the bike on the side, I walked up to the passengers window and thumped my fists on it !!! The chic in the passenger seat got the shock of her life ! . . . but get this, within seconds of me letting off my rage ! . . . the Astra took off !!! didn't even care to see if anyone was hurt !! :evil:

    Bloody idiot !!!

    Everything is okay though, just the scratch on the bar end and lever !!
  2. Oh my god that sucks! Did you get the license plate number? Get her address lets go pillage!

    Urgggh ignorant drivers $hit me!
  3. They did in fact cause the accident and they failed to stop and render assistance or exchange details.

    report the incident to the police.

    coz I know scrambles wants to see those uniformed police boys :rofl:
  4. nah, it was a blue 5dr Astra with white sparco rally style spoked wheels !!
    plate number was LC**** something !

    it was a bloke driving with kids in the back ! . . . . I think my rage made him speed off !!!
  5. Damn. Least you weren't hurt ya pajero ;)
  6. If you know that at least, might be able to get police to track them down. I wouldn't take that kind of negligence.
  7. . . . . pronounced pakero !
    and put lots of emphasis on the a and k !


    It was a good eruption of rage though !
    I swear I saw a flock of birds flew off in gorge below and animals stampede !
    It kinda echos also in the gorge ! :LOL:
  8. Shall I change your nick to Simba or Moufasa?
  9. Glad to hear you are Ok. And that the bike damage wasn't bigger.

    BTW it is pronounced more like pahero but you are right with the stress in the e.

    Are you from Spain? I'm Venezuelan.

  10. I'm surprised (and disappointed :) ) Scrambles didn't give chase.

    Glad to hear you came out of it OK though. Was it the Monster or the VTR?
  11. Shit Micky. Sorry to hear that. F^&*ing dumbf^&* cagers! :evil:

    (PS. you need longer legs :rofl: )
  12. Scrambles did want to give chase, but it was too friggen hot ! and we just rode from the central coast !

    Greg, when can I have my signed copy of Rapid ?
    :LOL: . . . its a nice pic of you on the back cover !
  13. Ooops bad luck Micky, the Gorge is notorious for bad drivers on a Sunday. Glad you are ok :)
  14. poor mickyb :(

    was that your first official cage-rage? i think your huevitos are finally huevos ;) :rofl:

    talking about eggs, did it look cool scrambles? :grin:
  15. Hey Micky - glad you're fine and the bike has no major damage
  16. 8-[ When I see the pic(weren't you going to scan and post it?) I'll decide what it is worth per signature.

    I might even organise a Max Walker-esque signing event at a local shopping centre! :rofl:
  17. yeah, damage is minimal !

    broken indicator
    skuffed bar end
    shorten clutch lever !

    Not a single mark on the body . . . you gotta love nakeds ! :grin: I just lowered the bike down gently, I think my rage is whats bothering me more.

    The brembo logo on the lever worries me though.
    I wonder how much a genuine Brembo lever costs ???? :LOL:


    hey Alex !
    I saw this today . . .
    and yes, I will investigate before getting a Pegaso !
    The F650GS looks pretty schmick !!

  18. dont know why you went to the 'passenger side'. the idiot was on the other side. that wouldve been the window and face to direct the anger at. mightve got a better result.
    anyway, at least you are ok and hte bike not too bad!
  19. Damn! What a bugger Micky. :( Glad to hear you weren't hurt though.
  20. shuld of rang ahead so i could set up a road block on galston rd budy